Monday, April 30, 2007


QUEEN ANNE Doll-by: Robert Rakes
Exclusively for: Thieriault's

She's not the prettiest doll in my collection. She's kinda funky looking. and on top of that, they gave her 'monkey arms'. Which means that they are a little too long. That is funny in itself, because the real dolls had arms that were invariably, too short. Talk about over compensation. hah. I was looking forward to sewing for her. But, wouldn't you know, the dress is sewn on and the hair and cap are GLUED on!! No, I'm not returning her. I can make do.
She is 8" tall, and jointed at the shoulders and hips only. The dress is of a sort of olive green silk like fabric. She wears pantalets, no petticoat. Red hair, a house bonnet of cotton with lace trim. And a net decorative apron. The edtion of this doll is a limited edition. She represents the 18th. century period.
She is handcarved of real wood. Not made of papier mache'. She is not made to be a dressing doll. But, made to represent a 'Fashion' Poupee. The original dolls were made and dressed to represent the latest fashions of the period. They were sent around to tailors and mantua makers to show the latest fashions. This was before any magazines or catalogs. All clothing was custom handmade. When the dolls were no longer needed, some lucky little girls got them. Nice for the kid. Bad for posterity. Very few antique ones have survived.
There has been an interest in this type of doll. Thr originals cost as much as a new car. Luckily for those of us who can't afford it. Some artists have begun to reproduce fairly nice reproductions. This a reproduction.

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LauraHinNJ said...

I think the dress is lovely, but agree that she's sort of funny looking because of those arms! Why would they make her that way?