Monday, June 30, 2008


They say on the news, the fires are going to last until we get a good rain. That's maybe December. California has over 1,000 fires burning.
The smoke is miserable and I feel ill constantly. Think how others who are seriously ill are doing. And I have a headache everyday. So, I will very likely not write too often.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is pretty much how the sunsets look like right now. That foreground is the sun's reflection on the water. I didn't do a very good realization on this one.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Her life was always gray and sere. An unending existence of empty loneliness.
She had heard about something called: the Light. It was said that was why there wasn't dark all the time. The Light could shine even though the overcast was so very thick, Even those who had once experienced the Light, could barely remember what it really was like.
If one has never lived in a brightness, would they miss it? Can you miss something you've never had? There is a great big tome in The Hall Of Books. One can look up strange words with strange meanings. Terms so alien, one cannot even begin to come close to comprehending what those words might mean.
There were times that the gray cover seemed to thin and an unusual thing would happen. A big, bright round spot would appear. There were those who said that was the Light source, trying to shine through the dense, gray, layer of gloom.
The first time she saw it, she wondered at it.
Other times , she noticed an odd thing. There were people who seemed to sort of glow, making their own light. Each person had their own level of light. There were most often, two or more together. Very puzzling. Where she came from there had been no one who glowed like that.
Orig. Story by:CGZ
Copyright: June-2008
I may write more. Not sure though.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND--SMOKE!!!!!!

There are over 840 fires in my state. I swear the whole state is burning. This is a very bad summer. All that smoke is making me and other people sick. Collateral damage you know. I have had a headache everyday. Probably will continue to until the fires are out. Ugh, this just terrible. Losing valuable forests. People losing their homes and their animals. Wild animals dying.
Maybe that's why we had a young Cougar right here outside our bedroom last saturday. That's another story. Scary. That's wildlife MUCH too close.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Turn HOT Friday, just in time for Solstice. Will be HOT today too. Triple digits. Ugh! I can never sleep with the AC, and then I do get chilled too, having to use the Air. Yes, it is worse without. Today we are going to see how long we can wait, before turning it on. Because yesterday we turned it on about 2:PM, ran it until after sundown.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


When I became too old to play with dolls. (or so my Mother thought) I discovered it was ok to be a collector.
When I became a teenager I had found some books on doll collecting and antique dolls.
We went to the movies a frequently, because they were the main source of entertainment back then. I particularly enjoyed any movie with period dress. That's why
I became very interested in finding out about the style of clothing people used to wear. Period dress. The mid-to late 19th. century especially.
Of course 'Gone With The Wind', which is not a favorite, except for the costumes. There was, Reap The Wild Wind, too. Way too many to remember or list.
It was so nice to see, to go to a movie and look at the really pretty clothes women used to wear. Up where I grew up, it was all shirts and blue jeans. Some did wear plain cotton frocks. However, almost every woman had a special dance dress or two. Because there was a community dance somewhere, almost every weekend.
My Mom and I always liked pretty clothes. Mom was average size so she was able to find clothes in her size. But me, well, I have always weighed more for my age than average. The stores carried very limited selections. My solution to the fitting problem was solved with 'separates.' I was not 'fat', I was heavier than I ought. I wasn't a big eater. either. But, since my parents as children had known want. They always made us kids 'finish our plate;. For my big brother that wasn't much of a problem. But, I always had a stomach ache when I had to eat too much. After I was an adult , I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. And no cure, took thyroid pills for years. Helped keep my weight under control. So, I have fought my weight all my life.
Well, since I loved pretty clothes. I was able to make some occasionally. It was the only way I could have pretty clothes in my size.
The costumes in the movies were so elegant and feminine, but hoop skirts and bustles and farthingales were no longer worn. That was another thing that attracted me to dolls.
I could make dolls and dress them in period styles. Very much feeding my bliss. (or at least one of them.) People used to wear incredible clothes. Of course the many layers in winter were most practical too. No central heat you know.
Therefore since I cannot find pretty clothes in my size most of the time, I dress very plain and simply. ----But, I can sew for my dolls and make them wonderful things. Half the dolls I collected were chosen for the clothes they wore. The other dolls are for make, age and style.
Bustles, hoopskirts, farthingales. My favorite era is the 19th. century. But, I also like the 18th century styles. For modern dolls, the Victorian Revival of the 1950's is also a favorite now, because of the full skirts. The was called the era of 'The New Look', by the designer, Christian Dior. Silly man. Anyone could see that it was a return to Victorian thinking.
I miss having pretty clothes to wear. And, anyway, I don't go anywhere so, at any rate, I have no need for special dressing.

I will look and see if I can find a picture of some sort, to show what stlyes I liked.

This a dress I designed long time ago. I was going to make it up. But, I got into dolls.
Nevermind the fur. Back then fur was acceptable. No, I did not myself own a blue fox scarf.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Eithne is so happy. She finally has a dress to wear. She is 9 1/2" tall. and this dress is something new for me. It is all completely hand sewn. Usually only the dollhouse size dolls are hand sewn. Anything 6 or 7" tall and up, I use the sewing machine. But, both machines need servicing, so, I had to sew it all by hand. It was a rewarding exercise, to re-train me to concentration and 'patience'.
I even used to use my sewing machine to sew all of the clothes for my 'Barbie's' wardrobe, that I used to have. That may be a future story.
The skirt for Eithne's dress, is an authentic 1860's skirt pattern in six gores. But, the bodice is one I designed and styled with bell sleeves as the gown is a Summer dress, after all. I made the gown of a pink batiste with a printed white shadow floral pattern.
I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out. It is very much a 'Dolly' dress rather than an authentic copy of a period costume.
I sewed on the dress and finished it while I was not blogging during May. So, I wasn't totally idle.
Eithne is a loveley reproduction, F.G. mini French Fashion doll, made especially as a surprise gift for me, by my good friend, 'C.M.' and her daughter. I treasure this beautiful little doll.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Here are my roses, taken wih the camera we are trying out. As you can see I have the vase on the chest where I have some of my dolls. Two interests in one picture.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I went out this morning and cut a vase of roses for the house. I actually prefer looking at them in the garden. But, since it turned hot the sun just fries them. so, that's why I cut them. All the roses are fragrant this time and my room smells lovely.
Our camera went on the fritz, so no pics. The picture card wore out. What a bummer. So, Hb. has been researching what may best suit our needs and not be too taxing to our sensibilities. Everything has to be so complicated. Young people need to lighten up. I am surprised the cellphones don't have a built in electric razor too. Ha! so someone sees this, and says, hey, yeah. Why not? I would not be surprised. The cellphones are the New Age, Swiss Army Knife.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After all the trouble we've had trying for a garden here. This year we finally have a fairly nice one. About half our roses we put in containers. The roses are the best we've had since our first garden at our first house. The roses were so nice. Then come first of June, the temperature climbed and fried my roses. and they were so very pretty. My Gerber daisies were popping flowers regularly. It was so nice. We are having temps. in the high 80's and mid-90's. So far we haven't used the AC yet, but we will this week. Of course compared to back east, 90's are balmy. The eastern seaboard is having triple digit temps.
But, my garden is fried and won't recover until things cool off in the Fall. Sigh. Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Hb. found some Sweetpea seeds and planted them. They are growing rather slowly. We used to have sweetpeas. This is the first planting in several years.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


What an upset. No crown for Brown. Defeated by his feet I just knew it. His hooves did not behoove a win, this time in.
So, who the heck is Da' Tara? And where did he come from? Never bet on the touted horse. But, long shots don't work either. I never spend on anything but a sure thing. I'll buy a book first.
History not made this year.
We are all looking for another Seabisquit. He was one of a kind.

Friday, June 6, 2008


I have sort of left off blogging so enthusiastically, because I am just not feeling well, and I have to save my energy. Besides my computer is working so slow, I've almost decided: to heck with it.
Amazon is impossible and don't even mention eBay. My spy bot thing is a bit overprotective. Just more frustration than occupation and fun.
Also, with blogging it was getting too much of dissecting my life. I have lost the fun part of writing my stories. And I have sick too often with my IBS.
To top that off, I ordered a book about horses from an Amazon seller and never recieved it. They credited me with a refund and said they have sent another copy, now, isn't that the pits? The seller is out the price of a book. I just hope I do recieve the second book.
This is only the fourth time, in 10 years, this has happened to me.
Who's stealing my books?
In between bouts, I am doggedly sewing on a dress for Eithne. That dress was maybe started four years ago. But, that is another story.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I hate these birds and we have always been plagued by them.
Can't shoot 'em. They are protected.
Anyone who thinks their song is pretty is totally 1050% tone deaf.
Thank goodness, the bird doesn't care for Jazz or Classic music.
Especially flutes.
Don't leave negetive comments. I'm entitled to my opinion.
I know birders will be aghast.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


June is a time for roses.