Monday, April 23, 2007


I have two sewing machines. One is a 1957 Slant Needle Singer and the other one is a Husqvarna 190, semi-electronic. I don't remember the year. Also, hmm. I had it two years before I could get up the self confidence to start using it. I bought it because I really wanted a machine that could do some embroidery. This one had what I wanted at the time. Only I haven't used them since we moved here. I can't see a good place to set them up. The best place is in the main big patio window. But, I wasn't thinking ahead. I had arranged a bookcase there, and it has our Christmas trees on. Yes, we have them out year round.
As I was blog surfing and ran across a blog where the person does Needle Felting.
She mentioned that she was going to purchase the new needle felting machine by a company named: JANOME. So I went to the internet and looked the company up.
Seems they are the largest sewing machine manufacturer in the world.
Well, I wasn't up to having a Needle Felting machine. Because, I have only just found out about that craft. I don't even do it yet. The other machine are much too complicated. They are computers not sewing machines. Well, that's just my observation. I originally learned to sew on a treadle. Ooh, and that is a really nice story.
So, I didn't book mark the site.
The next week or so, I saw some artist made repro. Queen Anne dolls on eBay. And the description mentioned the artist had been profiled in the Spring 2007 ART DOLL magazine. I had my Hb. go see if he could find a copy. Yeah, well Barnes etc. doesn't have that Mag. at all locations. We called around until we found a copy. He dashed out and purchased it for me.
While I was avidly perusing the magazine. I read an article by a doll artist who wrote about a small portable sewing machine. The brand was JANOME. It was a real machine not a toy.
We looked online and went to the phone book. Whoopee. We found a local sewing shop that carried JANOME. And then Fabric Warehouse also has them So my Hb. dashed over to the fabric shop and picked up the little machine. There are evidently two models. The one direct from a dealer is called 'Sew Petite'. It is white with lt. blue lettering. The Fabric store model is ivory called 'Sew Mini' in dk. red It is the lesser priced of the two. Same model though.
It has four lengths in straight stitch, and two sizes of zig-zag stitch. A drop in bobbin. It says it is a real sewing machine, not a toy. It's 9" tall x 11" long x 5" wide.
So, I have had my new little sewing machine for maybe two weeks. I still have not tried it out. Hah. I have to get my head in the right place, so I can concentrate on it to teach myself how to use it. That is the way I am. And that is how my brain works. And how I ended up teaching myself all my life. I have to learn things : one step at a time, or I get everything mixed up. But, once I learn something, I have it for life.
So, here is my new machine, just waiting for me to feel well enough to use it.

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