Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is an actual costume I wore to the one and only Masquerade Ball we ever were able to attend in the city in Nov. 1986. It was a lot of fun.
I designed and made it too. I went as 'The Silver Lady'. The gown is made of a liqiud silver lame' fabric. I wore a pale wig with white and silver flowers in the hair.
All kinds of food, and 4-6 pavillions for dancing to different styles of music.
At midnight fireworks were set off, INSIDE the Civic Center Dome building. It was tall enough for that. Amazing.
It was fun. Then in 1987 October 19, Stock Market Crash happened. Took serveral years to recover from that. Well actually we still are. There have been a LOT of set backs.
There hasn't been Society Masquerade Ball since.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


No, I am not talking about the song.
At 8:04 PM, We had an earthquake of 5.6. It lasted between 16-20 seconds. And yes, that is a long time. Where we live is just a short space from the epicenter. Our dwelling both bounced and rocked. I was a little scared. Because as it turns out, It is the biggest since the Loma Prieta in October, 17, 1989. That one was a 6.9 to 7.1. And lasted 15 seconds.
This time I was on the computer, my Hb. had gone up to the spa to use the pool and tub. Nothing fell or broke. At least as well as I can tell
It took almost 20 minutes for the TV stations to catch up. So, I was able to get what happened.
Then, people began to email pictures, to show different sorts of damages.
Oh, yeah, a lot people lost their cell phone service for about 15 minutes. Gave them something to consider.It is now 10:25 PM, and there has been 10 of the small after-shocks. This is normal. They will happen for days.
On Wednedsday, there was a 3.9 after shock. Pretty good sized bumper.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


No, not that type of racy. There was both Horse racing and NASCAR racing.
This will probably be a snore for you. But, I like it.
The NTRA Breeder's Cup Championship Races were split into two days for the first time in the history. So, it was Friday and Saturday. Three hours Friday and 6 hours Saturday. And it was pouring rain both days. So the track was a quagmire. Most of the horses did a brave job in spite of the conditions. I really only watched about half of each race. serveral of the touted horses did not do well. The big race was the last one on saturdaay. It was a race of favorites. Almost a mutiple match race. The winner was a lovely bronze color 3 yr. old male horse, named 'Curlin'. But, a horse was lost. The pride of the European horses named 'George Washington'. He made a mis-step in the mud and fractured an ankle. No hope, so he was euthanized right there.
I also watched most of the NASCAR races. Busch on Saturday and NEXTEL on Sunday.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Couldn't write today. Because 21 years ago at 1:PM my Father passed away.
That is also why October is a hard month for me.
As May is too. My Mom.
So, Halloween as it is observed today, is a lot of silly nonsense. And I find it disrespectful.
It used to be just a dress-up day. And a social thing. Because it used to be a an end of
Harvest celebration.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


How about something like this for your kids?
Kids, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.
What do you think?
Would they instead, say, Hey, that's geeky.
What no 'Scream' costume?
My kid brother had a Davy Crocket outfit.
He wore it until he out grew it.
I think the 'Horror Parade' that used to
come to my door at Halloween, was terrible.
What kind of parent in their right mind
would buy an 'Angel Of Death' for their 5 or 6 year?
That is not cute.
The little 6 or 7 yr. old girl with her Mother and
white toy poodle got the big candy bar one year.
For the cutest and most original costume.
Mom and daughter had on matching dalmation's jammies. They had stenciled spots on the poodle to match. Way, way too cute. No, I didn't take a photo. Which I am sorry for.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Here are a few suggestions.
Do I have mine? I'm not telling.
That wil be a later entry.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Daytime, really is not a good time for me to write. Just wanted to let you know I am still here. Fall is not my time either. Not doing much artistically. But, I am sort of letting my book journal go too. I had been doing collages in my book journal, and the book wasn't closing . So, I decided to start using drawings again. Then I discovered the collage work had made me lazy. Drawing takes too long!!!!!!!! Ha,Ha. Isn't that funny? I have brought out some of my McKillip books down from the loft and have been reading them again. They are very moody. And very mysterious. I am not sure this is the type of story I should be reading right now. But the artwork on the covers is wonderful.
Oh, yes, this is another of my computer drawings. They go very quickly and easy too. They add to my laziness.

Friday, October 19, 2007


THE SAGA of lost a book
When I was in 8th. grade. The Bookmobile used to come round periodically. The county seat was two hours south. A good sized town, so there was a great selection of books available. It was great, because I really looked forward to it's arrival. To almost everyone else, there was a loud groan, because all that meant to them, was more homework. And good grief, Shudder, a 'Book Report', 'They had to actually 'READ' the book.
However, some of us were delighted, with the arrival of the bookmobile. Because, since 8th. grade was really a Junior High grade, we only had access to the high school library. And it did not have much of a selection of fiction. Since a high school library is set up for research. But, I did get to read some of the classics in literature.
Even better we were allowed to check out two mobile books maximum, for two weeks.
Two books were ok, that was all I would be able read, help Mom and do my homework.
I very much interested in Folklore, Folk tales, fairy tales and mythology. The bookmobile carried a good selection, when they found out I was interested. That was neat, the librarian and aide asked us as we were checking out. During the whole year I managed to read about 24 to 26 books. Books are to a soul, like water to a thirsty person.
Well, this one time, one of the books I found and checked and out was a quite nice fairy tale story book. by a modern author. I don't remember the other book. It quite likely was a book of myths or such.
The fairy tale was so very original, about fairies, elves, goblins, (which I do not care for. However, they were only in a couple of chapters.) Magic and even a nice dragon.
I had the book two entire weeks and maybe read it three or four times. Trying to remember the tales. The story of the Blue Princess was my favorite story in the book.
I really hated having to return the book that day. And at the time I checked it out, they said I couldn't renew it. So, I reluctantly returned the book. Picked out two new ones. When I was checking those out, I remarked the assistant, that I wish I could have renewed that book. They looked up said, "Yes you can. Who said that you can't. "
I was so dismayed.
So, it was supposed have been put back on the shelf, so they let me go look. No, the book wasn't there. They said they would look, and have it for me next time.
Well, after I had checked out my two books and was on the way out, I saw Loretta Wright with it. She was saying to her friend Janice, "this is a nice thin book, it should be easy for me to read and report on."
Janice replied, 'That's a kids book.'
'I know ', said Loretta.
First my heart sunk, then I got mad. She was so careless. That was all a book meant to her.
I shouldn't be hard her, she died of emphysema and lung cancer in her 50's. And you know what?. She adamantly refused to stop smoking.
Turns out she never returned the story book.
And I, for some strange reason, had completely forgotten to write it into my: 'Books Read' list. I had totally forgotten the complete title and the author. Very odd, because mainly, that doesn't happen to me. All I could remember was that there was the word ' castle In the title. Frustrating .
I looked the rest of my life for that book. When I found book dealers who did searches, I had them look for it. I checked out every library I can across, in any town I happened to be in. I looked in big towns, in small towns. I would about children's books with the word: 'castle' in them. Nothing. The only other book that came up was: The Enchanted Castle' by E. Nesbit. Nope, not.
Well, I had more or less given up. Then whole thing was like an hallucination. from my youth.
In February, 2005- I was doing some browsing in Amazon. Looking up books in different categories. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. It is rather like gambling, you win some, you lose some. I finally got this certain feeling. And I thought, ok, what the heck. Brought up books again, typed in just the word 'castle'. In fiction.
A lot of titles came up. So, I just began to scroll down. Almost all the other books I had seen in the past with 'castle ' in the title. were listed. I kept looking and scrolling. Waiting to see what would happen.
JACKPOT!!! on the fourth page. Holy Houdini!!!!!!! My stars lead me again. I was a little dismayed and surprised, because the "The Shadow Castle" by Marian Crockrell had been republished in 2000. But, YES-YES-YES. But, after all this time. I have yet to figure out the reasoning behind the last 4 year delay. I am positively ecstatic about it. I ordered a copy on the spot right from Amazon. Full price or not, had to have my copy.
The reviews and comments on Amazon about the lovely little set of tales all express the sames feelings "I have . Lovely, lovely. The was a long time for wish to come true.
My wishes only work on things. Not on people.
I know I have written a long story. However, all of it seems important to me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It has been raining. But now Autumn begins. It comes later here in this part of the state.The Liqiud Ambers should be next. And then the fruitless cherries. I love the color of the Hawthorns take. I go gather a small basket full, I add a few Birch cones and a berry thing. Just for display.
It is nice.
Autumn is here in full color by December.
I almost forgot. The Marvelous Gingko trees that become shimmering gold. And may have been the Elusive Golden Raintree in the book and movie, 'Raintree County'. Superb story of life, love, and compromise of expectations.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I decided I would go to our little library here and see what sort of sort of books people have been reading. I chose 6 books. And hoped. Unusual for me to pick new mainstream literature.
I am sorry to report, I was not entertained. The two I did like. I realized I had already read. I had just forgotten to list them in my 'Read Book' list. Two of the books were:'wallbangers'. The female kept biting her lip in any and all crisies. Man, that annoys me. I remembered then, that's why I stopped reading those sort of books. Stupid female main characters. I am trying to not buy any more books. Because Amazon is swamped, so some sell for .01 plus media mail. The big main library seldom has something I'm looking for. Even in the non-fiction books. In that previous post 'on- what I am reading', Dawn was ok. The Rosetti Letter was a crash. Guess I will go get out my copy of 'Child Of The Morning', and read it again. Another of my favorite books that I take care to savor is: 'The Forgotten Beasts Of Eld'. Pure Poetry.
I am becoming very opinionated from being by myself so much. That's what happens when one is alone too much. Sometimes, I don't know who I am.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hum, seems I have a thing about Wednesday. I mentioned that before. I just haven't felt up to anything for a few days. I'm restless. But, can't go anywhere. Actually, no where to go. I do small things that need to be done. We are going to try to sell our many ' years of collecting' Christmas ornaments. We used to have an 8 ft. tree. I use to spend a week decorating it. We always left it up until Valentine's Day. Then a week taking it down. But, we sold that one years ago. We only use some small trees now. I still have ornaments that were used on our family tree at home.
I have not been out to look, so, am not sure if Christmas stuff is out around here. Halloween is replacing Christmas now anyway. Why are people so enthralled and obsessed with gruesome, gah!!!!! Guess, times changed and I am not amused.
Halloween really was a sort of end of harvest ritual originally. It was demonized by very ignorant people during the dark ages of history.
The weekend, my Hb. found one good nectarine and one good peach. So, he used them to make a small fruit krumble. Tasty. The side affects were not too bad.
Where I live now, there are no children. So, I do rather miss the little trick or treaters. One year, I asked a few of them, what sort thing could they do for their treats. They were totally flummoxed. I asked, " can you sing, say a poem, do a dance??" "Nooo." I told them that, was my trick for them and passed out the candy. I gave everyone of those children, two pieces of candy each. I have oftened wondered what they told their parents about that strange lady, who asked them to sing for the candy.

Friday, October 5, 2007


I have been wanting to do a story about these trees. The three on the right in the picture. See, we caught one beginning to bow as she dances. They are a type of pine. Cedar perhaps. I haven't looked them up to identify correctly. But, I have this fantasy about them. To me they greatly resemble ladies in their most elegant finery. And they appear to dance. Especially in the wind. I think they dance, waltz, and twirl around. But, if you look straight at them, they are in position. But, Sometimes, I have the feeling if I look sideways out of the veriest corner of my eye. I can catch them unawares. About a mile away, is a park, that has about a dozen trees who dance there. A fantasy of fairytale trees. Of maybe I have watched too many Disney movies and read too much Fantasy/Scifi.
The cedar trees are the only ones who dance.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Since I can't get out much anymore, my Hb. tries to find something to bring to me. He knows I like to read magazines. So he checks to see what he may find for me. And really, it is not that easy. He picked up a copy of the new Family Circle for me a couple of weeks ago. Well, I used to only buy the Winter Craft issues. They don't have those anymore. Turns out the mag. isn't half bad. Surprised me. I have some free subscriptions to House Beautiful and House and Garden, What a crappy waste of paper those magazines are. I can remember when they actually had something in them that was usable. since they are free, I look through them once and throw them away. Not even worth keeping for collage projects.
Went over to our Library and saw they had Woman's Day. So, I checked out a couple. Bleh! I used to always buy that magazine. I just haven't since the 80's. I was doing dolls and flowers , rather than crafts. WHO OR WHAT KILLED OFF CRAFTS!!??!! And sewing!!!!!!!!!
Whoever did, needs their head reworked. Maybe the same thinking that eliminated music and all the arts from our schools. I am not talking quilts here, I mean making one's clothes occaisionally. Being able to wear something no one else will ever have. Much better than over priced 'Designer Wear'.
Man, I digressed again. Drat.
Anyway Even my doll magazines are hard to find. Subscribe you say?, Well, no matter how good the magazine is. There are always four a year, that are not to my interest.
Oh, yeah, last year or the year before, I had a free subscrition to 'W'.
I hated that magazine. It is 'so' New York. Their editorial content is so surreal, You have no idea what they are selling.
The young people have no idea what they are missing. Crafts are such a great outlet to find one's self. Art creates brain gray matter. Enhances understanding and nurtures curiosity.
I also, used to buy: Victoria, Victorian Home, Romantic Homes. Oh yeah, Traditional Home. But, Martha Stewart ruined that magazine. I like Martha, but, she is not my style.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, this year October starts with a sunny day . Last year, it was cloudy, cold and wet.
I can only wonder what will be put on my plate this year. Life, says Auntie Mame, is a banquet. Well, no, it's more like a potluck buffet. But you can't make the choices. You take what you can get. That is the only choice.