Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well, March had almost four and a half weeks.
Some rain. Some nice days. A couple of weeks ago,
I actually was able to leave the doors open
and let in some fresh air. Lovely. Was nice today.
Even though it about 72 degrees. I was only able
to have the doors open for an hour or two.
When I type, I look at the keyboard.
Then when I look up, I see all the silly typos.
Yeah, I know. Typos and I look at the keys??
But, that's deslexia for you. As I become older, I
notice it seems worse. Distressing .
Hb. found some pansies and Gerbera
Daisies for me.Primroses. Nope. Don't ask.
Maybe I will write about it later.
Here is a picture of the Cherry Trees on the drive
to Villages center.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Just a note. I have changed the comments options
selections to see if surfers will be allowed to say 'hi'.
I have also, activated an email contact. I will leave
it until there is too much spam. Then I will re-configure.


I am finally beginning to have some cabin fever and
need to go out somehwere. I know I will only
get sick again. However, there are just times..........................

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We don't know what happened. Maybe all the bedding flowers were frozen in the fields. When in January there was that hard frost. My Hb. has been running himself ragged trying to find flowers for me. There aren't any. I told him never mind then. But, he went out today and found half dozen plants, not primroses though. He said that he found a guy ar one nursery, who was ordering primroses. So, Hb. asked about that. And the manager said he would add to the order. Nice. Hb. is to call Thursday to see what came in.
He planted what he had found and just in time. It began to rain right after. It will be good for the plants/or pound them into the ground. I'll see on Wednesday.
So, by week's end I'll have real Primroses, or just be satisfied with my portrait of Primroses.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


There is another folk tale that I liked as a kid. And it is 'The Ugly Duckling'. This story either Mom or Dad could read to me. I thought it too terribly sad, that people would treat a poor bird that way. Just because he was grey rather than white. But, Mom and Dad sort of let me figure out the real meaning for myself.
The story isn't just a story about the hardships of an orphan swan. But, it is about alienation, politics, bullying and prejudice. And that people are somehow naturally afraid of anything out of the ordinary, to their eyes. They would rather destroy it, than try to understand it. Because to understand would bring too much change to their existance.
The story taught me about people and life. And it has a happy ending, in that the Swan did find his rightful place in the world.
The story is a metaphor, parable and analogy.
Orig. Art-by CGZ-2006

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Actually, I had made one more Edith Flack Ackley doll. After making the little doll. I was moved to try a larger doll. 12" tall. This one was sewn using the back stitch. Very tedious. Much too slow. But, she came out a little better. She is also stuffed with medical cotton. I wanted a lady doll. A sort of fashion-costume doll. Over time I made her several different outfits. But, after awhile I felt they just didn't suit her. I think maybe I had seen something in a movie I preferred instead of what she had on. I never kept any of them. I think the fabric was recycled on another doll. Her hair changed too. But, not her eyes. For some reason I had given her violet eyes. Elizabeth Taylor, maybe? I can't say.
I think one time she was Lana Turner, then perhaps Dorothy Lamour. Betty Grable? Probably. Ava Gardner. There is a vague memory of a handkerchief Sarong. Her coiffure was blonde, brown, black and orange. But they were all awful. All I had for hair was regular knitting worsted-ugh. too coarse.
So the dress she has now, I made for her sometime when I was in High School. I did give her brown yarn for hair. The black velvet is a scrap of the dress my Mom wore when she and my Dad were married in 1931. It once had a nice striped hip sash. That's long ago. And about the dress?, don't even ask.
The sleeves of the doll's dress are of black rayon tulle. And the gown is trimmed with ice blue sequins. Then she was packed away for years. She lived in the bottom dresser drawer in my bedroom. With the rest of my dolls. They had a very long sleep. Because I wasn't able to retrieve them until 1969. When we finally had our first home. The hair she has now, is of a nice rayon yarn. And dates about that time. I was finally able to make a hair style that had a sort of 1940's look to it.
To make the doll a lady, I designed new legs. I made them for high heels. But, she never got those. They were separate from the body sewed on separately. I sewed silver sandals on her feet, done in silver embroidery thread.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have written about dolls several times. However this story starts with a book I found at the school library, Or it may have been the Bookmobile, And a little cloth doll. The title of the book is; DOLLS TO MAKE FOR FUN AND PROFIT by Edith Flack Ackley. I was so delighted. In those days, when one bought clothing, it was always came wrapped in several sheets of nice tissue paper. We saved it all. I talked Mom out of a couple of sheets so I could trace all the patterns in the doll book. Because school was on, I had to wait until Summer vacation to even begin working on a doll..
I always felt that I didn't have enough dolls. Also, I wished for some nice little dolls. Sort of Dollhouse size. So, my Mom had shown me how to make tiny pocket dolls from pipecleaners. I was delighted. After I found the EFA doll book. . I really wanted to make my own. So, one day after school was out. I was looking at the patterns I had traced and trying to figure what I needed to make a cloth doll. Then, when we went to town, I would know what to ask for and buy at the Variety Store.
I went to the kitchen and asked Mom, ''what is muslin?' What kind of material is it? Because I had been thinking all week about making a doll. She kind of stopped what she was doing, thought a bit, then reached in to a drawer and handed me a clean dish towel and, 'I think this is muslin of a sort. But it should be ok for your project'. For her to sacrifice an entire towel so I could make a doll. Was really great. It was nice of her.
'Oh, wow Mom, thank you, but is it really ok for me to cut this up for dolls?'
She said, 'yes'. You've been talking about it all week. So just go do it."
That also meant I wouldn't be required for housework for awhile. I always did my share anyway. Keeping house is hard work.
Anyway, I did trace out and stitch my little doll. She was 6 inches tall. I didn't know better and used the running stitch. Which I found to my dismay, was wrong. When I began to turn the doll right side out. The seams began to unravel. I worked it very carefully and got it turned. Mom suggested that perhaps a backstitch would have been better. Oh, my yes. She gave me some surgical cotton to stuff the doll with. It came from the First Aid stash we kept around. I used a pencil to stuff with and mended the seams as I went along. Finally I had the thing stuffed. Sorry looking thing. Then I had to embroider a face, find something for hair. And decide what to do for dressing the doll. You know what. I did get the doll all done. And I have no recollection about where the fabric pieces came from. I had, some: pink organdy, some white organdy, and a piece white stripe dimity. Very amateur and ragged looking. But, hey she was the first cloth doll I ever made and with no help. Still, I really liked the doll. As it turns out, she is the only EFA doll I ever made. She was too simple. Though I do cherish her and the EFA book. Maybe if I had had at that time, my own copy of the book. I may have made more. But, I only had the patterns I had traced. No instructions etc.
What is really wonderful, is that after all these years, doll collectors and cloth doll makers, have newly discovered this terrific, talented, revolutionary Lady and artist. Last year the UFDC had an Edith Flack Ackley doll as the Convention Doll prize. Also, there was a wonderful display of The EFA dolls. And in the June 2006 issue of The Antique Doll Collector, had a nice article on Edith. Now, I have found a website or two devoted to the EFA dolls. It is very nice that Mrs. Ackley is still appreciated after all this time.
Later I found a doll pattern by McCall's and I made those. The Godey Lady Doll and her wardrobe. More satisfying and more complicated. The dress patterns were lovely too. I will tell about them in their own story.
Anyway, here is a picture of my little doll with the book. Now I wish I had dated her. I found a copy for my own on eBay a few years ago.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Very likely there are few who know. That many of our founders were Irish or Scotts. A great many early colonosts were also.
That is one reason The day is celebrated by every one even if they don't remember it.

Friday, March 16, 2007


I found out about a cute funny thing today.

In December past. I sent a check for my little niece , to be used to buy a gift for her, from me. Well, when we balanced my checkbook for this month. The check for my neice still had not cleared. I oh, jeez, what happened? Was it lost strayed stolen or what? So, I sent off an email to my neice-in-law, LaDona and told her my concerns. Well, luckily today she must have been on her computer. Because I received an answer quickly.
Yes, they received the check, however, my little neice wanted to put it in her Piggy bank too. Well, they tried to explain to her, it wasn't the real money, and they had to go to the bank to get it. Well, 'S' wouldn't have it. She wanted my check in her bank, because that was the gift. (She will be four in May. She is becoming concious of things.) So, LaDona said, ok then. And wrote VOID across the check and in it went into the Piggy Bank. Isn't that the cutest. It sounds just like something I would have done at that age. And rued it later. But, to 'S' a gift 'IS' a gift. LaDona said, don't send another, it's ok. Therefore, from now on, I will send real money someway. And so it won't be stolen by USPS employees.
I had Hb. wrap up a couple of horses I had made long ago, just for such a thing. And I am sending those in leue of another check.
They can use one for Christmas and one for Easter.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I left the nest

and wandered

down a path from home

seeking perhaps


I could call my own.

But, when I returned

only to find


Now in despair
I sit and

gnaw my nails

amid the ashes

and broken eggshells.



Orig. Poem-byCGZ

Orig.Art by-CGZ

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


There really are very few movies that I'm in the least bit wanting to see. However, last year, The Phantom Of The Opera finally showed up on HBO. I think I've watched it about 6 or 7 times by now. That is what is nice about TV. In fact, I had not even read the original book. But, I had seen I think all of the previous versions. I always read the book, after I have seen the movie. I do recommend that sequence. Otherwise you will be upset and have a preconceived idea that won't be anywhere near the script for the movie. However the Andrew Lloyd Webber version is most lush and romantic. The music is exquisite.
The movie I am watching now is: Batman Begins. It is the best movie version of Batman so far. More Batman, less villan. Each time I watch the movie I see more of the dialogue. Yes, see. There is more story, not just a lot of mindless action just to fill time and use up film. Christian Bale has just the right subtle touch. And he has mentors. Older men, Father figures that he listens to and learns from. Good role models that. The movie is well conceived, well cast, good photography. Just overall an excellent production. They didn't let it get out hand. Katie Holmes she was ok I suppose. But, she is an experienced actor. She started out in Dawson's Creek.
I was looking forward to see Van Helsing. I watched it for about ten minutes, bleh. All yuky stuff. I was hoping it would be some what similar to, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Nope, nuttin' nowhow.
Do I watch date movies. Yeah. Sometimes. As long as the girl has some level of real intelligence, The movie, Mrs. Winterbourne is just superb. Shirley McClaine, Ricki Lake and Brenden Frazer. And then there is Miguel Sandoval, who plays the chauffer. Splended.
Also, Under The Tuscan Sun
Carolina .
Oh yes if you can find them,
Shirley Valentine
Strictly Ballroom.
Hilarious both.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I see that my blog has not been visited in a long time. Even though I visit other blogs at least weekly. So, I must be terribly boring. And write nothing that anyone else can relate to. Not even my friends have been by. And they are the ones I wrote for initially. Maybe it is because I haven't my links list. Laurahin said she would help me with that. But, I have been ill again, lately.( I get so bored, with being ill) My Hb. took me for a ride. I got carsick and for the next two days, had one of my really beastly migraines. UGH!!BLEGH! I am still doing horsies though. And I have made three new patterns. Although, I do find myself going through doll dress fabrics. That is a good sign. I do believe that is how I used to be. I had this cycle I would go through. Going from one interest to another. Reading, writing, drawing, designing, making toy animals. Then little dolls and back to sewing clothes for my fashion dolls. Oh, yes, that's right, embroidery, then lacemaking, was in there somewhere. And once in awhile I would even find time to actually sew for myself. But, I always did have a lot of interruptions. Life you know. Family. And our doggie got very ill. We lost her in 1986. She was 14. So, she had a long life for a dog. I am going to do a separate story of our little ones. I also sort of started on my toy horses because I was getting somewhat lonely without pets. (Our last little guy died in 1995. He was only 5. We have no idea why he died. The vet was baffled too. Never again we said.) Here is a picture of a few of the miniature dolls I used to make. Yes, I kept some for myself. The tallest is only 6 inches tall.
I have quite a few unfinished little toys and dolls. I hope I can get some of them done before I get too old. And have completely lost my skill.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

FIRST CAKE-Adventures In Cooking

I did a blog about my Mom's jelly roll cake. Then I remembered my first cake. Now that is a memory. LOL. This was in the early 1950's. I was still a girl at home. We lived in a very rural area. MILES to anywhere.
Since I had been taking Home Ec. Class in high school. This one weekend
I asked Mom if I could try a cake. She said, 'well, ok'. Because it would be fairly simple. I would only make one layer so, if it went wrong, the waste would be minimal. Moma and I decided that the dog would like it anyway. My older brother said,' What!? The dog!, no, I'll eat it'. I replied, "Bud, It is my first cake. I can't guarantee the outcome.". He said," Hey it's cake. It shouldn't be that bad, you will have used vanilla and sugar, right?"
"Well yeah".
"Then ok".
What was nice about that, it was a real brother-sister interaction. We didn't have many of those.
So, I started on the cake. The cake was going to be a light chocolate mocha. Mainly because we were out of Hershey's cocoa. And I ended up using the chocolate cocoa mix. The kind used for making hot chocolate. That wasn't a good beginning.
Since I was using a recipe for a two layer cake. I had to divide by half because I was going to only make one layer, it used three eggs. So, how DO you make half an egg? ( You beat it up and measure spoon by spoon. But, that uses up another dish. So. I didn't do that.) I went ahead and used two eggs. So, piffle. Then I had to add a bit more flour to absorb the extra egg.
We always have Crisco shortening, it's vegetable, so it's ok. I think I used just regular flour, instead of cake flour. Mainly, Because cake flour costs more and I did not want to waste it.The texture of the cake was different too, because of the substitutions. Regular flour makes a very substantial cake. But, it tastes better too.
About here, my brother had to go somewhere, but told me not to throw out the cake. So, I just said, um,um.
Well, I continued with the half cake, got it all mixed, then I discovered I had too much batter for the cake tin!?! It was because of the extra egg and flour. Our cake pans were 8". So, now what, Mom said go ahead and try a 9" pie pan. ( excuse me, but I have to laugh here.) Did you ever try baking a cake in pie pan.? I never did again. So, I poured the pale cocoa color dough into the 9" pie pan. And put the cake in the oven to bake. 375 for half hour.
And anxiously awaited the outcome of my first baking endeavor.
Well, when the cake had been in the oven 25-30 mins. I carefully opened the door to check it. (no window ) oops. It fell on the front side. Oh, my. So I closed the door and said to Mom. 'Too soon'. Maybe 5 or mins. more'.
'Are you sure?" asked Mom.
"---'yes, I think so'. I replied
After ten minutes, I opened the oven door again. And poked a straw in the middle of the cake. Came out clean. Well, the cake was finally done. But, it was a sorry looking thing. I tasted it. Bleh!! Milk chocolate cocoa mix does not a good cake make. The taste was out of balance, because even though I had put in the extra flour. I neglected to add a little more sugar too. Mom tasted it. 'Bland'. Besides, it didn't brown and it was lopsided. It was, to me, definitely a 'blegh'.
'Oh, Bud won't want this" , I said. 'it's really rather gross.' So Mom said ok. Out the back door I went. The dog Tony, came running. He had smelled 'cooking'. Well just as I went out the back door, my brother barreled in the front door. 'Where's the cake?'.
"Out', Mom told him, and pointed towards the door.
"Hey!, no! not the dog!", Bud came lunging out the back door, leaped towards me and swept the unfortunate cake out of my hands. He ran back into the house, I heard him grabbing a fork from the drawer. By the time I returned to the kitchen. My brother was ensconced at the table, happily scooping at the cake. No frosting and still quite warm.
"Ok, so, how's the cake?", I asked in a perplexed way, "it's really awful isn't it? You don't have to eat that. Besides the Tony (his dog) is going to feel miffed that he didn't even get to taste it."
"No, it tastes just fine, " my brother replied. '" Besides, I'll go get him a pigeon and he will forget about cake."
Then my Dad spoke and asked, "whatcha got there?"
My Dad had been outside and had came in after the 'cake' was in the oven. So, we told Dad the story. And he was hurt, he didn't get in on 'the' cake. There was a little left. So, Bud gave it to Dad. Poppa was polite, but he did make a face when he tasted it. I said, 'that's ok Pppa. It's my first cake and I made a lot of mistakes.' Bud took the cake back and finished it himself.
I made another cake that night. a sheet cake. White, with White frosting. Dad's favorite. Mom helped me with it and it came out fine.
Oh, yeah,Tony got a campfire toasted pigeon and he was happy too.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Last August-2006, My Hb. brought me a box of things that had been packed up since 2003. After going through it. I found a piece of tapestry fabric that I had been Embellishments of embroidered animals. Because I was making my version of a Unicorn tapestry, It, however is unfinished. I posted a story about in my former Blogsite, Celebrin Silverlight, which I lost and had to make a new site. This one.
In the box were two pieces of jacquard damask upholstery squares. One is light yellow green with a dark green floral pattern. The other is a lt. blue and white damask. I had been going to use each of those for embroidery too. One for an Arabian Horse design and the other for an Artemis Sacred White Doe design. The designs for those were still in my head.
I now have the design for the White Doe drawn out. But, I am not not sure which clor to use for the background and whether to embroider it, or do some applique with it. There are a couple of other possibilites.
So, here is my pattern for the Doe. I will very likely applique the Doe, simply because it will be less work. At my age now, I need shortcuts in order to do what I yet want to make

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The Magic Within

I know this has the word Christmas in the title,
But, that is only an allegory.
So, I am not forseeing Christmas.
The poem is how we all have a 'magic' within.
We just have to recognize it, and let it out.
How this poem came about, I woke one
morning with this song still playing.
I quick grabbed paper and pencil and
wrote as much as I could before it
dissapated. Which it did quite quickly.
That was serveral years ago.
I am still trying reclaim it. This is my latest
Song From A Dream

There's Magic like
a Christmas Tree
shining bright in
colors bold,
Rose And silver
Green and Gold
there within
each soul.
for you always to
have and hold
The Magic will ever
set you free.
If you believe
in the Magic.
there it will ever be.
For the Magic
is for being. living.
loving, using everyday.
Not, to ignore or
hide away.
Let it out, nurture it
and let it brightly
shine Just let it soar.
Let your Magic
fill your life and
fill your heart.
forever more.


Orig. Poem-2007-byCGZ
Orig. Art-2005-byCGZ

Sunday, March 4, 2007



Over on somewhereinNJ's blog, she told a story about how her Mother liked to dance
to the radio. The radio would be on, and her Mom would just grab the older brother and dance around the room. Just super. That made me think of how we , Mom, my kid brother, me and my Dad. used to do just that too. Really nice.
Sometimes I would be doing something in my room. Maybe drawing, painting or needlework. Or else out in the dining room using my sewing machine. the radio would be on and, Finally I would just have to move. So, I would dance by myself. Then Mom would catch on and we would dance together. She always led. Then, sort of like they had psychically felt it and Dad would come in from his office and My brother from the machine shop. He would actually leave the heap of junk he was turning into a car. To come in and dance with us.
Our house was a long house, no hallway. Each room opened to the other. So, we would just dance around through the entire house. Those were some of the few fun times.
There wasn't any TV when I was growing up. That came way after W.W.II. Movies were one our entertainment's, along with listening to the Radio. And--weekend community dances. Since there were quite a few communities, there was always a dance somewhere. Everyone knew, more or less how to dance.
My Mom was a terrific dancer. Really talented. My kid brother and I inherited her talent and aptitude. And the love of dancing.
My Dad, well, he danced to the beat of the bass drum, which beat the timing of the music. so, he sort of did a -slide-glide style. Dad did quite well, It was always rather like a waltz. In various beats. My older brother was not talented at all for dancing. But, he did work on mastering Dad's style. Mom. Kid Bro & I always loved to dance.
Later, after Rock and Roll killed Ballroom Social Dancing. So Mom and Dad went with Square Dancing. Very nice substitute. When I was home from school on weekends and during the Summers, I learned to Square Dance too. Then we were finally able to get my kid bro. Up and dancing. He and I almost always partnered each other. We danced well togther. Until the few other singles saw we were really quite good. I would be asked by someone else and when kid Bro. asked a girl she would accept.
Life changes. I haven't danced in years. You know what, that IS another story.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


On my original site I have been sewing
little horses.I had had a long dry
spell, creativitywise.
(Actually, that is not a real word.)
Then I received a picture of my
niece with her miniature horse.
I became enthused. This is
'Rosey Sundown'. the fourth horse.
She has joined the herd.
So, here she is and a pic. Of the herd
with 'Angel' herdkeeper.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Well, We finally got through to someone at blogger. And I was able to access my original three blogs. But, I did what I wanted to. I HAVE TOTALLY DELETED ALL THREE. I had already made a new blog. It is titled: 'OVER THE FENCE'. It is my official blog now. So if you go to the old site. It no longer exists. You will see some kind of ad. When I leave comments, I will be signed only as: z . Later, I may be able to make that 'silverlight' again.
I do have drafts of serveral blog items that do refer back to an original post. So, I have to decide how I will handle that situation. Maybe I could set up another blog, just for the items for reference.
So, even though I have been blogging since April-2006. It looks as if I have only been on line since November-2006.
Ummm, my Hb. made fried shrimp tonight for us. Later we will have some little carrots. We eat in increments. Easier to digest.