Friday, February 29, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


These are the books I'm reading right now. Somewhat diverse, I know. But, they are both good escape. I have read about four or five of the Quilt story books. No, I not quilt, not interested. But, the stories are about women and having friends with mutual interests. I make cloth dolls. And I used to make some of my own clothes. I find both very satisfying. So, do the women in the quilt stories. Quilting is a Woman's Art mainly. Although men quilt too. And sew.
The other book is a wonderful fastasy, in another world, about incredible adventures, happenings and characters.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's good to maintain a youthful attitude. It keep you young. Makes you happy so you can enjoy life. Childlike is one thing, 'childish' is another thing. Childlike is good. People who have a youthful attitude, are happier, healthier and-live longer. Once we become adults, we tend to put ourselves on pedestals, and have the ladder removed. Bad choice. Leave the ladder so you can come down once in awhile. We get too dizzy up there anyway and it interferes with our thinking.
The reason I wrote this entry, came after I had read an entry by Laura over at 'somewhereinnj'.
Whenever she and her two bros. get together, they laugh and tell jokes, reminisce, and have fun the other relalatives think they are being silly and immature. I told her, 'not so'. They are just jealous, because they are unable to be spontaneous too. Some people are embarassed by showing any sort of emotional response. Too bad, they are missing alot of enrichment.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I thought I would share this cookbook with you. It is very fun. I bought it around 1976. That is
when the 'Renaisance Pleasure Fair' was in full swing. And all those movies about the Tudors of Britain and such. Also, there is 'The Creative Anachronism'. Which was well attended. We went the Fair once, and attended two or three exhibitions of the CA.
I was pretty much into entertaining and cooking. I Became interested in the History of real cooking. The kind served to Aristocrats. I think this is one of the first updated books on that subject printed. I have a later book. 'Seven Hundred Years Of English Cooking'. My copy is the 1983 printing. It is a great book too.
Fabulous Feasts is rather novel, I mean I found it very informing. The genesis from then to now, is mostly by the available foodstuffs. Food fashions change. My copy is from the 1976 printing. There are a number of things we don't use. We have better substitutions. Everything is more accessable and, best of all, We have ta,da! 'refrigeration'
There is a recipe on page 159, that I beleive to be an early type of, what we now call: French toast. It is not fried, and is called;'SOPPES DORRE'. Spiced Toast with Almond Sauce. Maybe it is also somewhat like Cinnamon toast.
I find I prefer the appetizer, soup, vegetable recipes. The meat dishes are not to my palate. Fish stomach pie seems out of date for a modern taste. Although I know there are countries where everything is still eaten.
Also, what is amazing and to me humourous, are the meats allowed for Lent. "A loin of walrus in plum sauce , My Lord?"
Walrus live in water, so they were considered 'fish'. In South America, Capybara, live in marches, so are allowed for Lent.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well, there has been a lot going on , at least on TV. Monday and Tuesday was the Westminster Dog show. That was a handsome little guy who won too. I have never been able to pick the winner in all the years I have have watched. But, this year, when this 15" Beagle a real little gentleman, named UNO came out, there was something special about him. Just like 'Little Prince Charming' the pomeraian who won a few years ago. Uno has the same demeanor. Now, I still wasn't sure, But, I was pleased and surprised such a deservering little guy won.
Then on Friday on CBS at 9:PM was the Celine Dion special. That girl can sing. She puts her all into each and every song. She makes it seem like each time she sings, it is the first time. That is SO rare a talent. Pure gold. Sometimes she makes a social gaffe. But, she's a good girl and genuine person.
Saturday was the first race of the new NASCAR Season. Nationwide is sponsering the 'B' team
races this year. It was the DAYTONA, Camping World 300. Tony Stewart won. It was his turn and he broke the 'pole sitter' block.
So, I do have stuff to write about in my journal.

Friday, February 15, 2008


This is February and this Camillia gave a last bloom. It had stayed cold enough to make the flower bloom. I find this most serendipitus.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I really haven't much to write about. I have been sick a lot again. And No one would want to read that. Not even me. I want to write about flowers and dolls and dogs and feeling well. I'm glad I used to do a lot, run around shopping. Collecting neat stuff. Sewing, making dolls.
My Mother one day, said to me, " here you are, you are able to buy as many clothes as you would ever want, what do you want to do? Make your own clothing". Because, when she was a girl, the preferred clothing was, 'store bought'. That was the status symbol. To have a for real, store bought'. I truly did appreciate the irony of that. Learned to sew, finally, as I have mentioned before. And I wanted a sewing machine of my own. However, for some reason, my Dad, saw it as frivolous, indulgent request. One day , here came the pickup, and in the back was a beautiful antique treadle sewing machine. My Grandfather told my Dad to take it to me. He found out I wanted a machine, and my Dad was afraid I would be spoiled , if I got one. Grandpa brow beat my Dad into taking it to me. Ooh! Wow! However, Both my brothers were jealous.I was just so very delighted and so very touched, that my Grandfather gave me that machine. I wrote him a letter and took it down to him myself. You see, my Grandpa was losing his hearing, and his eyesight. So, I had written it large letters. I gave it to him, and wished he could hear me thank him. But he understood. You know, somehow I was a favorite of his. He always sent me a Christmas card and a birthday card. I was always just so shy around him. I really wish I could have gotten to know him. But, by the time I was old enough to really relate to him, he was severely deaf and blind. All of that history, lost and gone forever.
I had my cherished machine to remember him by. Until my younger brother in a fit of towering rage that he is very prone to, completely destroyed my gift.
For some reason , no one seemed inclined to help get it down to where I am living. Just never had time, or if they were coming to visit, the suitcases took up all the room in the car. I do not know why I was fated to never being able to keep my sewing machine with me. Another reason that sewing machine was special, it had belonged to one of my Grandma's Aunts or Great Aunt, who had made her living as a modiste-dressmaker. Fit me perfect.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Egad! Today was nothing but chocolate. Chocolate competions. Chocolate festivals. And movies with Chocolate. I think it all has put me off Chocolate. At least for awhile. All because Valentine's Day is this week. Looks like no rain, the floral shops will appreciate that. Delivering flowers during a rainstorm, is total misery for the driver. I not only made arrangements, I have also done certain types of deliveries.
I do not care for Florist's roses. They haven't any fragrance. However, there is a peach rose I like, but drat! I have forgotten the name. And I really like 'Candia', a bi-color rose. My other flower choices are: tulips and lillies.
Somewhere in my computer photo files I have a picture of the Candia Roses. When I find it, I will put it up. (here it is now)
I am just composing this 'in extempore'. ( don't bother to correct me. the sentence is a funny.)
This part is not about chocolate, it's about NASCAR.
The one thing worthwhile today was, the NASCAR Daytona Champions Shootout. 23 cars.
Retricterplate race. Yahoo!!!!! Young Dale Earnhardt won in his new '88' National Guard ride. He finally won. He hasn't been able to win much since his Dad died.
All of our favorite drivers came in, in top. 2-Stewart, 3-Johnson and 4-Jeff Gorden. Yayyyy!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


This is the pattern I used to make the size 12" dolls in the previous entry. Actually mine was almost used up. I still have it. But, I found this one in used, but good condition on eBay. I was so glad.

Another good thing with this pattern was, I finally got a doll with a wardrobe. I made everything myself. Most rewarding and lots of play value.


Godey's Magazine was the first and premiere Women's magazine during the 19th century. It was epitome in social deportment and style. So, in the 20th century to now, it still has influence for research and study of that era.
In 1946 McCall's pattern company came out with a 12" doll with clothing pattern based on the Ruth Gibbs collectable porcelain head dolls. Ruth Gibbs designed her own version of the old china dolls. She produced only finished dolls. I think I already had a 7" Gibbs doll. I just loved her. She was dressed, but I made her about seven dresses. I had a small box for her. Her name written on the dress is: 'Mayalee' .
But, I didn't find the pattern until I was in Junior High School. I almost missed it. Because that was the last year the pattern was published. Whew!! And I didn't find it in one of the larger town shops. I found it in a local dress and fabric store. The owner had to order it too. She told me it was close to close out and I may not be able to get it. But, she ordered it and I crossed my fingers.
Two weeks later we went to town and checked to see. And joyful things!! A copy of the pattern had arrived. I was so pleased. I could barely wait to start. But, first I had to get fabric. And to figure out what to use for stuffing.
My first doll from this pattern was made out of an old cotton underslip. In a peachy color.
And she was stuffed with the absorbent cotton. The kind found in the Red Cross section.
It's what we had on hand. The arms gave me fits. They were too narrow. I had to recut them wider so they could be turned to. The Lady doll had an embroidered face. I did it twice to look good. The first time I used three strands. NOT!! Too coarse and clunky looking. The second time, single strand of floss. Came out nice.
The nicest thing too, was that my Mother took me the big town, so I could find the nice fabrics to make the dresses out of. She was a little non-plussed. But, She was sort of into what I was making. I found just exactly what I needed. The same fabrics shown on the pattern. I purchased pink taffeta for the underwear.
The only thing, is that when I began to make up my first dress. The pattern mentioned; 'lining'? Lining?. Oh, my. Well, I hadn't read that. And had nothing to use instead. So, everything is made without it.
I have made over time, about a dozen of the dolls and dresses. I have sold a number of them too. The only original dress is the rust taffeta. It has a black flocked pattern. I have not found that fabric again. And that is why I kept it. This doll is the second one I made. The ball gown she has on, Is made from a piece of the fabric I used to make my Maid-of-Honor dress, I wore to my older brother's wedding. (That IS another story.)
All of my first 6 dolls were made on my Antique 'Speedlight Rotary' treadle sewing machine. My Grandfather gave it to me. Therefore, It was so special to me. I sewed a lot with it. I really liked it, much better than the electric Singer I bought later.
The photos are of the pattern front. Then the doll herself. She came out 12 1/2". I She has on the Ballgown with narrow sleeves. The rust taffeta is supposed be a 'Dinner Gown'. The aqua cotton satin; Walking dress, the pink check; a morning dress, the pink dress with black trim; a tea gown. That fabric also is a remnent from a dress I made for myself. And there is a marled grey felt paletot., which is a medium length coat.
I did make up the wedding dress. Out of a too heavy damask. And turned out, the tulle was too stiff. So, I was never happy with it. I was always going to make another one. But,
I'm really not into weddings and bride dresses

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


She's lovely limited edition doll
by Mme. Alexander Co.
But, I think she is great. She reminds me of the time we went to the New Orleans Carnival. I intend to tell that story yet.
It rained, it was cold, then, it rained and was too warm. We packed serveral kinds of clothing, but it was still hard to dress right. Although, wearing polyester in a warm rain, One did dry faster when the rained stopped. Hb. got almost trampled trying for beads etc. from the float Henry Winkler was on. Oh, yeah, 3 sets of beads and two coins. I was tired and watched from our hotel room window. New Orleans Mardi Gras is really worth the experience at least once.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am going to maybe have some new primroses this year. Hb. is going to put them in flower boxes rather than the ground. Last year they got pounded into the ground by the rain. so, we are to not let that happen this year. I so miss having flowers during the winter. The bouquets from the store are crap and just don't last as they should. Yeah, I know, artificial could be an alternative. But, no. I have two boxes of silk flowers too.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, it's February. So soon? January went faster this year, then last year.
And February is a very active month too. First: there is Mardi Gras. Next; comes Valentine's Day. After that; President's Day. Also, a Lunar New Year acknowledgment.
Makes lots of opportunities to illustrate both my blog and my journal.
You know, I have subscriptions to serveral magazines, women's interest. And not one of them even mention any kind of holiday for this month!! Now, that is carrying 'P.C.' WAY too far.
Silly when guilt rules too much.