Saturday, September 29, 2007


Dollhouse Dreams
I had a story about my childhood dollhouse on one of my other blogs. But, that site developed trouble so I dismantled it. Maybe I ought to post it here on this blog. Maybe I will in a month or so.
Anyway, I had always wanted a terrific dollhouse. A big one with real doll furniture. Not that 1/12th scale stuff. That hasn't any 'Play" value. It is only to look at. I much prefer "Toy" dollhouse furniture. Much more 'Play" value. You know, 'hands on'.
I never did get what I really wanted. More because out here, antique toy furniture is just not that available. I spent years scrounging for it. I have a very nice Solid silver game table I found in Vancouver, Can. Also, a set of four gold-leaf stenciled parlor chairs.
Since I never found the house I wished for, My Hb, and I built a rather nice large six room dollhouse out of extra heavy crating cardboard. Hum. Best save that for another time. I do rather tend to digress.
To try to appease my wish , I collected almost every book on antique dollhouses and furniture. I collected pictures and plans from craft magazines.
This picture of a greeting card with a huge Victorian dollhouse is just one of several in my stack.
Isn't it great. Now, I just enjoy looking at it. And I remember the five dollhouses I did have, but, have sold off now. All I have left, is my original childhood toy house.
What I do regret is that, somehow or other, I never took a photo of the big cardboard Tudor or the five-room hip-roof house. No, I am not teasing myself.
We have been selling off the furniture as best we can. It is very slow. People are buying tech stuff that always breaks. Then they have to buy a new piece. Seems very wasteful to me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Try To Remember-

The theme song from 'The Fantastick's' is another of my favorite songs. I really like Ed Ames version. His voice is so beautiful it resonates with me. We saw the play when it was in the city long ago. It is a heart catcher. Jerry Orbach originated the main character, 'El Gallo', on Broadway. I don't know the year. We saw a road troupe.
Try to remember the kind of September
when life was slow and oh so mellow,
Try to remember the kind of September
when grass was green and grain was yellow.
Try to remember the kind of Septemember;
when you were a tender and callow fellow.
Try to remember and if you remember
then follow,
follow, follow etc.

Look up the song, on the internet. There are two more lovely verses. I am a bit hesitent to to do the entire lyrics. Because of copyrights.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, I showed you those lovely pink apples and they had developed an odd after taste. Kind of dry, and bitter. Maybe too much tannin. Well, my Hb. tried saute'ing them in a little corn oil, a touch of balsamic and a little sugar to balence. They came out nicely. We ate them as is. But, over ice cream would be tasty too. Also, this way they would be a very nice side dish with any pork entre. They are 'but deff' a cooking apple.
I'll bet Paula Deen would batter them and deep fry them. Did anyone see the episode where she and her sons, deep fried pieces of double chocolate Bundt cake!! WOW!!!!
Ten pounds just watching that show.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I thought I was not going to be bothered so much by stomache upsets. I lied. Although it could a combination. A week ago Sunday, my best friend called me and I couldn't talk. I was too sick.
And I have been sick all week. The weather cooled off. The weatherman says rain, but have not had any right here. We have also had to use the heater. It is usually October first . It's gonna be a c-o-o-l-d winter. I can tell. We have had a cool summer too.
Then, just as I thought I was ok. It hit again. My friend called-- again. Nope I was too sick. Well, Tuesday, She called, yes, I was ok.
We visited for two hours. It was wonderful. We are both sewing for our little fashion dolls. Her doll is a very special 8" smiling Bru ltd. ed. only available from the UFDC. My doll is a 9 1/2" F.G. fashion is of course, Eithne. I am going to send her some silk. I have lots, and it's hard for her to go out looking too. I'm such a fabriholic, I have stash from the 1970's.
My friend hasn't been able to blog, because her new computer is a lemon and refuses to be anything else.
My friend is the only doll person I have personal, (albeit, by internet), contact with.
But she is what I need.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today used to be my Dad's birthday. I try not to think too much about it.
The song I think of for him is: Oh, my Papa. No we are not Italian. But the song does resonate for me. Because to me, he was so very wonderful. He wished the best for me. And did his best.
He was honest, straightforward and uncomplicated. He was well liked by everyone who knew him or met him. He was a rare man, in as much as he never had any enemies. Ever.
Of course he wasn't perfect. Who is. He was a human being. I loved him as a Father and as a person.
I miss him every day.
The fields of 'Always Summer'
where the blue cornflowers
forever grow,
The gentle air wafts the
fragrant daisies
And the scented pinks to and fro.
Everything we ever wanted,
everyone that we have known.
Are waiting there to greet us
now that time has flown.
Yes, in this place of 'always ever'.
In brightness, joy, and grace.
Is where we go, 'at end of day'.
T'is the place we abide
after the turmoil of this side.
Open meadows of grass and flowers,
Through which we dance,
celebrate and play.
Orchards full of trees in
both fruit and flower,
Create a glorious bower,
a setting for loving Greetings
of those we have missed,
They rejoice to see us,
at last in exquisite bliss.
For Mom and Dad

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I seem to be much better lately. My IBS haas backed off. I am not sure if it's gone, or just a once in awhile thing. However, I am having more real time, and am always not quite so tired.
In any rate, I am seeing if I can make a sort if life again. I hope.
I very much want to dress this dear doll. She has a trunk, and I wish to provide some kind of trouseau for her. Right now there are four separate outfits in progress. I am also writing a story to go with her.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My Dad's favorite toy was a "ROLY POLY". The bounce back man. No matter hard you tried to tip it over or knock it down. It always bobbed back upright. Ever optimistic and keeping on. We are a nation of 'such'.
Long may we wave.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I keep telling myself, "C, you do not need anymore dolls!!". My goodness, never thought I would ever reach that point. It is positively stupifing. What a Hoot. Oh, I'm still silly about dolls. I go through eBay everyday. And some other doll sites. Just to look. HAH.
In the past five years, I have purchased a doll a year. That is on top of the dolls my friend made for me and we did a swop thing, sort of.
This is the doll I had come home to me this month. She is 12" tall. A poor soiled little thing. And no, I am not going to wash her. It would ruin her value and provenance. I will just give her a good brushing with a soft brush. I think she originally had a bonnet or hat. Because she hasn't any yarn hair on the back of her head. I am pretty sure she was made from a pattern by Edith Flack Ackley. She quite well made too. The person who made her, was a good sewer and likely liked dolls.
I had only sort of leaned her up on the shelf and we took a pic. She is not drunk. Maybe just tired from her long trip across country. She hasn't a name. So I just call her: the Orphant doll.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Our state has 6 fires going on. The one about 20 miles south and west of us, the wind is sending the smoke to our valley. We are also getting the smoke drifting from a fire three hours east. It is hard to breathe. And I have a headache because my head feels all muzzy. And I am tired of smelling ashes and smoke. None of them will be contained until sometime next week. Mountainous terrain is making it difficult. I absolutely despise wildfires.
This is my take on what the sky looked like around here. The red thing is the sun.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


These are three books I'm reading. Well, not at the same time. I have just finished Queen Of The Dawn. It is a story about Egypt during the Hyksos occupation. Dawn is the Princess Nefra, last of her line. But, a rallying point for her people. It's A Haggard book. For a man he is pretty good. I had a hard time tracking down a copy. The libraries do not have it. Took me serveral years.
The next book will be: The Rosetti Letter. Takes place in Venice Now and in the 17th. century. I hope it will have a good story. Sometimes even when I research, the book still turns out to be a flop.
The other book I have previously read, so it will the last.
Oh, yes, I am sewing on some doll outfits for Eithne too. I sew until my carpel tunnel is too much. Then I put on an elastic bandage on my hand and I read for awhile.

Sunday, September 2, 2007



Sun and sand
Sea and sky,
Watch the seabirds
Wheel and fly.
Shells like jewels,
Strewn 'cross the strand.
I pick one up
to hold in my hand.
I can, but wonder,
at it's complex
Simple beauty.
Orig. Art=copyright:CGZ 2004
Orig. Poem=copyright:CGZ 2004