Tuesday, May 1, 2007


One year at our country school. We had a Maypole. Rachel was teaching that semester. She was always fun. and looked for things that would be fun and interesting. Not like Phoebe. She only taught straight curricula.
We did always make little May baskets out of woven paper. And picked wildflowers (weeds) from the school yard.
I remember we had the pole, set up in the front school yard. We had crepe paper streamers that were attached to the top. it was a tall pole. Very likely a pine sapling. It would have been from Dad or Mr. Lorenzen. A hole was dug in the ground for it. The men and the big boys erected it. The anticipation of having a Maypole. was exciting. We all looked forward to the day.
Rachel had found the words to a May song and taught us the song and the dance. She had found them in a teacher's magazine. We spent most of April after Easter learning how to do everything. We had the picnic party during the day at school. All of we girls wore dresses that day. So it was pretty. Even my the boys liked it. It was neat, different and fun. But, that was the only one. Because: it was too much bother and besides, it may have been too pagan!? I am not sure. But, it just might be we were older and it was too much bother. Back east and the midwest did that all the time. No one anywhere celebrates May First that anymore.
In the few years we had left there, we did have May baskets and exchanged them. We all made baskets for our Mothers too.
I wish my memory wasn't so vague. Because it is a nice memory.

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