Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I really don't have anything light and amusing to say. There is too much disgusting going on out there. I can't do anything about it. That makes me angry.
Bullying, abuse. Children and women mistreated. Unacceptable, totally.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In one my previous posts, I told about how my older brother and I lost our soft toys.
Well, these are successful surviors of the measles. I got the 'big' measles at the beginning of summer vacation. The summer between the 6th and seventh grade. I got them from someone in town.
I was quite sick and spent two weeks in bed. In low light, semi-darkness. When my fever finally broke, I was bored and asked for something to play with. I told Mom, I didn't want my doll or monkey, because I might lose them. She said what else is there? Oh, how about my horse figures. They can be washed and sterilized with some Lysol. Mom blinked and said, oh, yeah. Ok. So, I played with my horses and I didn't break them because, I was still in bed. I only played with one or two at a time. Had a lot of horse adventures. Wish I could remember some of the imaginary adventures so I could write them down. The pink horse is: Pinky, the palomino is: Twinkle Toes,
The pony on front left is: Patches, and the one front right is: Lady.
I came through the measles ok. No left over side affects.
Then, poor Mom, my baby brother came down with them. And he was a terror. House arrest for his time. Because, he wouldn't stay in bed. So, Mom dressed him warm and we kept all the blinds down. And we had to lock the doors.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


OK. NEW PROTOCOL, IN ORDER TO POST PICTURES. TOTALLY NEW AND STUPID. I found it over on the help page. But, took awhile to make it work. But now have the picture for my previous post.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Goodness, but, I just can't seem to get excited enough about anything to write about.
Very dull, I have 'finally' figured out why it has always been hard for me to get back to making my little projects. I take too long to make something. I guess I have a short attention span. I become bored, and then I just have to do something else, And I get in a hurry and I can't hurry, or the item would not be worth saving. What I have had to do is get myself to a point, of being calm and centered, so I could then apply myself . And I have to get myself interested again.
It has always seemed, that when I get started on a project, all goes well for a day or two, maybe three, if I'm lucky, Then 'BOOM'!!! Something, ALWAYS, happens to break up my peace. Always, and ever. Therefore, I guess, I end up becoming reluctant to start again.
Drawing is one of the things I can do, that be done quickly, in between interruptions. Another was to do a water color. I could do something in five minutes. I do Chinese style brush painting.
It was much more so at home. In my own home I had a little more control. However, time for myself, was always hard to maintain. Life has always been too much with me.
Now, I fill the time with reading. Playing on my computer and watching tv. Only I do find I watch TV a lot less. There is getting to be more and more that is just plain crap, and therefore, less and less to watch. Programming in the line of animal house, appealing to the dumbed down young people. Grossness, no manners and disgusting behavior, seems to rule.
But that is another story. I'll vent later.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Did you know that the flower of the month for April is 'Sweet Peas'? I had a hard time finding any sort of picture. These are 'species' . I was looking for the Commercial style of flower. The kind we used in flower shops. They are bigger and have more blooms per stem. I wanted to do a drawing. But, this does not show how the plants grow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I thought that I had made my doll Willowby in '71, but, turns out I didn't get to working on her until '72. Because as I discovered, it wasn't until then, that my dear friend-CM told me about the wonderful: Susan Sirkis', 'Wish Booklets". ('Joy and Riches'!!!) Ms. Sirkis had designed an entire series of period fashions from the 19th. Century for dolls. She had included a pattern for a cloth doll to dress. If one didn't have an antique fashion doll. Then over a number of years, I made a complete wardrobe for my Willowby doll. And here I thought it all only happened a year earlier. Willowby is the lucky possessor of a wardrobe of at least 35 outfits. In between sewing for her, I was working on a lot of other things too. I was making wooden toys assembled of various wooden findings. And I was designing and sewing small animals of felt and fur fabric. Later at a Miniature dollhouse collectors show, I saw the wonderful mini felt dolls made by an Artist named Betsy Heistand. ( unfortunately, she got caught by cancer and is no longer with us.) Her dolls were not high priced, but yet were just out of my reach. However, I saved my money and finally became the proud caretaker of one of her little 5 1/2" dolls.
I came home and designed something similar.
These are all dollhouse size

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


For some reason, I have not been able to sleep the lately. And I had been doing rather well, about getting some real rest, with an unbroken sleep. Makes me wonder if there is anything going on, somewhere, regarding people I know, or maybe relatives. There is no way for me to find out.
My cousin Avis in her last letter, told me our Aunt Nettie had been quite ill with pneumonia. But, was home again and better. Nettie is my Dad's youngest sister. The last one left of her family. When she is gone, there will be no longer any of that generation. My generation is then next. And we are already somewhat thinned out.
Avis told me my high school class had another get together last June. She said, wish you were there. I wrote and told her, *not* no way, ever. I went twice and the experience was a *Titanic* rate disaster both times. Those people seem to think they knew me. NOPE, no way. They only saw what I allowed them to see. I had created a 'persona' to use in order to survive. Same thing happened in Jr. College. A lot of people do the same thing. At least, I hope so. They probably just aren't aware of it.
Whether we are aware or not, each person has many facets. Like the face of a diamond, we reflect many hues. Changing in the light. Depending on the situation.
I go over my life, and follow the path, mentally, that brought me here. To this person I am, and to where and how I live now. Don't try to pigeonhole me, even by naming me a non-conformist. Because, I always follow the rules. I just choose not to be a sheep. Unlike almost everyone else, I always knew who I am and what I wanted to do.
These are things I think about in the dark. Always at night, I ponder life, the human condition and the world, as it spins on it's pole and makes it's eliptical way around the Sun.