Sunday, April 22, 2007


It was 1 year ago today, that I began this blog. Although I did start out with a different location. I was 'CELEBRIN SILVERLGHT'. Then blogger began to have all kinds of hiccups and glitches. So I changed URL addresses and began all over again.
I do have a silverlight blog site again. I just haven't used it yet. I have been keeping it in reserve. Now that my one year has come round. I may restart with the silverlight site. But, I rather like the 'Over The Fence' title. Seems more relevant for my content. But, I still could have 'silverlight' as my signature again. 'z' is actually my Hb.
Before I started this interaction, I had been thinking of writing a sort of autobio. But, I couldn't figure out quite where to begin. Blogging helped me with that. I was able to find my 'voice' to write with. Going month by month and by season. From there I just started to find other anecdotes of my life and family. My Hb. and I have already formatted my first nine months in a book for self-publishing. I have been polishing it up and the content is a bit more expanded from the blog stories. Because I can name names and be more specific. Yes, I am quite circumspect in the blog entries.
I will tell my nephews about it and ask if any of them want a copy. I have five nephews. But, you know how boys are. Don't do anything today that you can put off as long as possible.

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