Friday, October 31, 2008


When my little poodle died. I was absolutely devastated. I told myself, I would wait until I could handle things, before I got another fur friend. That lasted about two days.
I had no idea where to go to find another pet. As it turned out, the kennel where I had found Pepper, was still in business. Even though it had been ten years, since I found Pepper there. How about that?
I went there. Told the owner who I was and about my loss of Pepper. She said, well, she didn't have any poodles right then. and I replied, I think I would like a different breed, because, if I had another poodle It would only remind me of Pepper. I didn't want that..
Anyway, I came home with a glorious golden Lhasa-Maltese female puppy. What a trial and blessing and joy she was. This breed is very hard to train. They are too smart and need a good reason for what is required of them. Maybe, as it turned out, I think she may have trained us. She was pure sweetness. It was a papable thing when she was happy and playing. I have never before or since felt such pure unequivable love. She taught us a lot. I named her 'Saffron'. Because my poodle I had named, 'Pepper'.
I found her in September 1969. We had her for 15 years. She left us October-31-1984.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was trying to think of a Halloween memory to use for this month.. Then I remembered
living at the dorm at Jr. College.
In a previous story, I wrote that my kid brother and I only got to go trick or treating, and having Halloween only the one time. That was the year we lived in town.
Well, when I went away to Jr. College. I stayed in a dorm. A girls only house. Nice place. It was an old Edwardian 2-story. With a large front porch and nice set of steps. Fun. It was the first year for that the Jr. College had a dorm. So I was in a town when Halloween came round. The Housemother had budgeted out money from her own pay, for treats. She was such a dearest, sweetest lady. She made: popcorn balls, candy apples, two kinds of cookies and something else, I can't remember. I think a couple of the girls helped her. I didn't get to, because of class scheduling.
The dorm was right across from an elementary school. So, the kids knew about us. And we knew many of them name. Some were quite regular visitors. They hung mostly on the front porch and steps. There were only a couple of the kids actually permitted inside. It was better for them to have restricted access. To them it was quite socially elevating , that they had 'college' students' for friends.
We would put out the treats after dinner and make things ready for our guests. In those days the costumes were mainly Disney or Tv characters. Very sweet. Oh yes, Superman, Davy Crocket, Cowgirls, cowboys, fairies, Snow White, maybe Cinderella. You know there may even have been a 'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet'. Very popular space adventure at the time. So there was something before 'Star Trek'.
They were lots of fun. The kids enjoyed the home made goodies too. We were inundated and over ran with little tricksters. I think the first year we ran out. But, the next year, we had some left overs. Halloween is like that, I found.
I attended school there for the two years. Then I transferred to the Art College.
Gosh, but I hated leaving that wonderful time behind. That's life.
But, you know what? Even though I went on through school. Because we lived in apartments, only adults, I never got to see Halloween until after I married and lived in family neighborhoods.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Are you as tired as I am over all the political blather and mud slinging ? Wow, I will be so glad when the voting is over. All of this campaigning has been going on for TWO YEARS!! The longest in history! Makes me exasperated.
Right now, I couldn't care less. Because at the end, the candidates show their true colors, and guess what? They are both chumps.
My Dad, being a businessman. With his own business, was a Republican. So was my Mother. As my Dad explained when I asked him the difference. He said, well, the democrats giveth and the republicans taketh away. Or whatever.
When I was in high school. Civics was still taught. We even had a presidential election the year of the real election. Complete with a full campaign. Two of the boys played the part of the real candidates. The boys acting the parts, wrote their own speeches, with help of the teacher. The speeches were based on the same platforms of the real candidates. The election was held on the real date too. You know what, even in our re-enactment. The boy that played the real winner, won too! We were all surprised, because Mr. Neasham was careful to pick boys who were just students. We were all delighted with the outcome.
The kids now days, need to experience something like that. To get them to feel more connected to society.
Even by the time my nephews got to high school, the class had been been eliminated. Man! Was I indignant!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


A theme for this month I decided would be leaves. Several different pictures. Will be made and put up. I have some pumpkins too. There will be pumpkins for November too, along with other harvest things. Am also using Halloween images and ideas for costumes. So, quite a few images for October.
Oh. I almost forgot about , Octoberfest. I'm going to have to develop some images for that.
Have you ever gone to an Octoberfest? Lots of fun. Not just drinking.

Monday, October 13, 2008


What do you think? Would it have been better if he had sunk?
The ships were caravels. Small compact ships with a shallow draft, perfect for navigating for exploration. On History TV there was a program about Columbus. Seems he became a real tyrant and highly prejudiced. And felt justified in enslaving the native peoples.
When I was in school, it was a good holiday. Now no one except the Italians celebrate it as an Italian culture day. They are trying to give it a more positive spin. Good idea.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK, it's that time of year again. are you trying to decide how to dress. Aren't these better than those hideous gruesome horror things? Ugh. Gross.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Not much going on. We had some rain finally, first rain since March 15. Otherwise the weather has been fairly nice. I will appreciate it as long as it lasts. Then remember the good days, when it is all dreary and gray.
But, now the days are to be nice again. With blue skies.
Had to go to a dentist today.
Well, that filling I lost, can't be replaced. The tooth is too far gone. Needs a root canal. And a cap. I hate caps. They never really get sealed tight enough, and the tooth goes faster than one with a filling.
But, what is neat, is I finally got out. The First time since last November. So a good thing anyway. After the dentist, I had Hb. drive on down to our local Barnes and Noble.
It has been so long since I was in a bookshop, that I became almost overwhelmed been the sheer number of books. How about that. I found that interesting. Although, it could have rather been being around so many strangers. Since I live a very isolated life.
My back and hip began to hurt before I before I had covered all the favorite categories.
My final choices were three magazines and one book.
I bought; American Art Review, the 'Watercolor' magazine, both just really super issues this time. I also bought; 'DOLLS' magazine. The book I decided on is titled; Garden Spells' by Sarah Addison Allen. I'll let you know how it is.
Because I know nothing about the book, except what is on the back cover.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Now September is all done,
Today is October-one.
Anticipate the coming Fest.
Planning how one will dress.
Treats for goblins,
they ring the bell,
'trick or treat' they will cry,
Then they spy,
The basket with the prize,
Pass them out, one for one a piece,
Off the little elfens run,
with my house they are done.
Going now from door to door,
getting treats, many more.
The night for the little ones is fun.
With their loot go to their homes.
There to enjoy their pay,
after the night's foray.
Orig. Poem-2008-CGZ
Orig. Art-2008-CGZ
Copyright-2008 by: CGZ
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