Sunday, May 11, 2008


I remembered that I do have a very special memory of my Mother.
My Mom was still in recovery after her first bout with breast cancer. I also had a small medical situation , so we both had to go all the way to the City four times a year for our quarterly checkups.
Anyway, it was rather interesting that almost all of the sales ladies who helped when we were clothes shopping, to take us for sisters. It usually happened when Mom asked an opinion about a garment she had on. Or maybe if I was trying on something. I would say,"Mom', etc".
The sales lady would say, in a startled way, " Mom?" You are Mother and daughter?"
"I believed you to be sisters!"
The restuarnt waiters did too.
The first time it happened, we were quite startled. Then we remembered that there were people up home, Who have always known us, that occasionally got us mixed up.
"No, we are Mother and daughter." I would add, " we are best friends too."
After a few times this occurred, Mom finally asked me if it bothered me, to be taken for sisters.
"No, not a whit. I am proud we could be sisters. It's not that I may appear too mature. It is that you look much more youthful then you think you do." I replied.
Mom, was at 'that' age when women begin to take a second look in the mirror and wondering. My Mom never did look her chronological age. Both of us were NOT sun bathers. And staying out of the sun sure keeps the skin smooth and clear.
So, after that when someone exclaimed, " I thought you sisters!". We would just reply, "that's ok, we very often are taken for sisters". And thank you for the lovely compliment."