Friday, November 30, 2007


Just in time for Christmas.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have been watching the Shows on the the PBS, HISTORY CHN. and DSC, about how the universe and planets were formed. Fasinating reasearch. How much we do not know and never will.
My Dad and I were both interested in Astronomy. In summer we would take the telescope and go out in the big open space out from the sawmill sorting chain. Set up the scope and spend time looking at the stars and moon.
The MOON is the child of the Earth, the Earth is a child of the Solar System, which is a child of the Galaxy. And the UNIVERSE is a the Great Child of the GREAT MYSTERY.
We are children of the GREAT MYSTERY too. All a part of everything. Eternal yet, not really unending.
Even the Native peoples have that tradition in their sacred stories . The legend runs all thru the folk and sacred tales all over the world.
We are down here on this world made just for us. We are all children of the Universe. Perhaps our Milky Way Galaxy was created just for us. If so, ? How many more places were created for other beings?
All of the stars and galaxies out there, the new particles they've found. Black holes, empty spaces without stars or matter.
To have to realize that some great future time, all of this will come to a huge change. So, after all, what does all this mean in the end?
All of the other planets out there like us, their arts, music, paintings, sculpture, architecture? Our philosophies and poetry? Literature . Those are children of the Universe too.
What will happen to them? Although, they might be in the eternal memory, so not to be lost.
Oh, by the way, this is not a Christmas story in any way shape or kind. It is about Astronomy and the study of the Universe. In case you were wondering.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Second Of My Greatest Gifts.

Since we are coming up on the Gifting Season. I wanted to talk about my next best ever gift. And privelege. This is dedicated to my Mom and Dad.
When I started to blog, at the behest of a friend, Most of the people I came across belonged to a webring that was following the book: The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron. All about finding and following your bliss in creative writing. What I found interesting, was, that all of the lessons were very like all the studies in the Literature curricula I had in college. Composition, expression and rhetoric. The book was a sort of college course for about $20.00, I found it almost equal to what my Dad paid around $10,000.00 for. Well, when I asked Dad, that's what he told me. It very well could have been more. Tuition fees were less back then. Although that price covered my complete four years. Isn't that something? The fees now are just too ridiculus. How and where are our new leaders going to be coming from. Actually, with the extra majors and minors. I think I was just this side of being a career student. I had put in 6 years.
However, What I want to write about, is what I consider to be the greatest gift I ever received. Outside the gift of LIFE, that is, from my parents.
That is the great privilege of a College Education. Both my parents had wanted that for themselves. But, the whole world fell apart at that time. So, it didn't happen for them. I wanted it too. Because they had shown me how much better life would be. And there were things I wanted to know and things I wanted to do.
My counselor in high school told me I shouldn't even try. It would just be waste if my time and my Dad's money! You great twit sir, (well I didn't really say THAT. I thought it.) And you are supposed to be a friend of my parents! Instead, I replied, "I beg your parden, no sir, I am going to college". You know, I passed all the entrance tests just fine too.
Years later, Mr. Neasham apologized to me. He had became a counselor at the Jr. College I first attended. And he just had to check my records. He was much chagrined to see good my grades were. When he apologized, I just gave him a distainful look. I knew I would make it. I was smarter then anyone up there gave me credit for. I was shy and had a somewhat self esteem thing, Which I overcame. They insisted on comparing me to my older brother. (Not his fault.) That is a story I will tell later. And I inherited my Parents natural hunger and thirst for learning. I also pick up an occaisional bit of wisdom here and there along the way. When I get real lucky. The quest for wisdom is a life time search.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I posted pictures of the city rink in downtown center. I rather wish I could skate there, if only briefly. But, I'd probably fall and break something .
I didn't learn to skate at a rink. I first learned to skate on a pond out in the lava beds in back of my Grandfather's meadow. We would all pile into either the pickup or old jeep. Then It was a rough and bumpy ride down the road, then through the barnyard. Out the cattle lane to the meadow and rattlety, humpetty, across the empty wheatfield to the lava rocks.
One Christmas My older brother and I asked for ice skates for Christmas. Because we had sort figured we might be able to find a pond we could use. We thought maybe the millpond. However, it never really froze over or deep enough. Too much turpentine and such in the water. Dad said we might be able to use a lava rocks pond. We would find a way to get to it. And we did. Some years there was snow on the ice, so my Dad and older brother made a big snow scraper out of wood. We just left it over there all the time. Rather than tote it back and forth.
It was always very cold of course, we tried to dress warm enough. One time I did get frost bitten on my hips, even with wool trousers. and a pair of my Dad's long undies. Just the leggings. I wore woolly under shirts in winter.
I believe I decided not to skate anymore that particular winter. My brother and some of my cousins did though. It's a guy thing.
I was never very good at skating. I seem to have a built in balance problem. I had quite a time trying change feet. The first year, I would glide on my left foot, and push myself with right foot. I just tried to get the feel of the ice and the skates. Other kids just put on their skates and take off. Maybe a fall or two. But otherwise, off they go. They would laugh at me. But I ignored them. They were only my stupid boy cousins anyway. Boys always laugh at girls. I did eventually get so I could change feet and sort of get a hang on the balance thing. No spins or twirls. Just straight skating.
When we went over to skate, Dad would throw on a big old truck tire on the vehicle to take over. When we got to the skate place, The tire would be set fire, and that's what we used for heat and light. The tire lasted about two hours or so. Just as long as we skated. You can't toast over that though. If we did have a sort of skating party with some other kids. Dad would build a small wood fire for us to toast over. We extinguished it as soon as the food was gone.
I am not sure how many years we skated or how often. Perhaps as long as I was in grammar school and when I was in high school. Then perhaps once a week. On weekends or Christmas.
There are pictures of some of those times. I thought I had a couple. But, I don't. I have to ask my oldest nephew to send me our family pics. I keep forgetting to.
So, here is a photo of the lake in fall, before the freeze. Where I'm standing was our skate landing.
The picture is very old and somewhat faded. Just a regular snapshot.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hah!! First people stuff and gorge themselves with food. Then stay up all night to get a low price on something that is overpriced in the first place. And they stuff the credit cards to the limit. 'But I got it on sale!!' They cry. Yeah, but with the monthly interest, how much has it cost, by time the card is paid up.
I don't do the 'day after madness' anymore. However, every shopping day after Thanksgiving, is madness. Hustle bustle. I hate sales. I can never find anything, or if I do, wrong size, wrong color, why bother. Or, it is all sold out.
And, I always used to really like to go shopping. My Mom and I loved the hunt. To see what wonderful something we might find. With Mom it was mainly clothes. She was a real clothes-horse. I learned style from her.
Elec-tech is not my thing. Dispite this new 'Kindle' thing. I prefer a real book.
I think this was a 'crazy dog barking' post.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here is a night shot. The rink looks like a boat!!!!!!! If you didn't know what you are looking at! The fence is around the rink. Resembles railings on a boat. Very disconcerting. There are christmas lights on all the palm tree trunks. Funkey*
No, I don't skate. Did as a kid and teenager. After that other things came along. Life.


Daytime shot of outdoor Ice Rink at downtown center. See, we do not have ice or snow here. Except way up on the eastern hills during a very unusual winter. The rink was opened just this weekend past. And will be open until just after New Year's day.


The ice rink outside in the town center. Aerial view at night.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have two stories. So, am not sure which to write about. One is about our thanksgiving. The other is about my Mom and me.
In a previous entry, I wrote about the very rich dinner in a magazine. Well our family special dinners were not like that.
Out, of choice. We began cutting back on fat in our diet in the late 40's and early 50's. When Dad bought the new cookware set; made by the brand new company ' Eckoware. All stainless steel. Very sanitary. Easy to clean and cooked the food properly. I have some of my ware yet.
For Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, we had, turkey with a sage stuffing. Mashed white potatoes. Boiled chunk sweet potatoes with brown sugar syrup. We didn't care for the marshmallows. Salad. A vegetable, perhaps; carrots or green beans, whatever. And we had gravy. A dinner is not a real dinner without enough gravy. Low fat. Dad made the gravy and sometimes Bachelor bread, it's made in a cast iron skillet Better than biscuits. And cranberry sauce of some kind. Canned, with berries or just the jellied.
Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.
We had rather simple food, because my Dad didn't care for fancy, rich, fussey food. Salt and pepper were the main seasonings. (We did use mustard and catsup. With other foods. But not with turkey. Ugh.)
I like food that is on the 'le cuisine' side. I used to be adventuous, Now I'm back to simple.

Monday, November 19, 2007

TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

There is bountiful and then there is plenty. However, there comes a time when: there is; Too Much.
Last Sunday, I wanted to get out of the house, So I had Hb. take me over to our little Library. I was hoping for a new Ouilter's book. But, Not. I did pick out a couple of issues of Ladies Home Journal. The November issue features Paula Deen.
The recipe section presented her Selection for Thanksgiving Dinner. WOW!

Here is the calorie stats: per serving

Cola-Basted Ham--------------------330

Deep-Fried Turkey------------------370

Green Beans with
Red Potatoes------------------------310

Corn Bread Stuffing-----------------675

Sweet Potato Casserole------------905

Stuffed Cranberry Sauce-----------215

Double Chocolate
Gooey Butter Cake ----------------365

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie---------590

That's almost twice the calories for one person for one day!! And they likely eat second helpings.
I would probably only eat very small servings, like; a tablespoon of dressing, a tablespoon of sweet potatoes, A close to regular serving of the greenbeans with potatoes. I do prefer turkey to ham, because it digests better for me. And for dessert a 1/8th piece of -pie. I would only taste a bite of cake from my Hb.'s cake. And one half glass of wine. After that, coffee.
After that we would excuse ourselves and go for a walk around the block, weather permitting.
The point of the dinners is to share food and be together. Not, to stuff oneself stupid. Enjoy, but not to the point of becoming sick.
I do believe that only once have I ever made Thanksgiving dinner. However, that is another story. Have you seen that commercial where the young woman is wrestling with the big turkey? HA, HA, that's me, been there, done that.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I have been looking for for symbols for November. Something other than: Pilgrims, Mayflower, Indians, pumpkins, corn, oh and turkeys. Is that it? Have I forgotten something from history?
Those seem so trivial for such a Holiday. I can't think of anything original to write about this year. I feel that the story I wrote last November used up all my best material.
One family thing is pretty much like another.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Lately I have been going through a lot of my possessions, trying to decide what to keep a little longer, and what to eliminate now. We have made contact with someone and they are taking them and selling them. I hope. I have no idea how things are going. You know what? I really don't want to. It is hard enough for me already, to know they are being sold lower than they ought. Because of the economy and the buyers lack proper ideas of value.
What is going on, is that I am dismantling a lifetime here. It is rather difficult. I originally was hoping to have some heirs to give it all to. However, they are not really interested, so they do not deserve anything. I am taking pictues to leave behind.
The other thing is, the selling proccess is very slow. So much is involved.
I collected so many different categories. Dolls, horse figurines, Fenton glass, porcelain, Christmas ornaments, Teddy Bears, Soft Rabbits. Books. Etc. I have a lot to plow through. It can be quite painful. This weekend, I finally realized I have gotten overwhelmed. And That's why I can't sew. The other project is too forward in my mind.
I need to go somewhere, just to get away for awhile. If I go to a mall or bookstore, I'd very likely catch something. Then I'd be sick the rest of the winter.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Always in our hearts and in our minds.

Our heroes in spite of themselves.

The ones who sacrificed to keep

our country Free. The safe haven
and repository of Democracy.
You all have all our unending
gratitude and thanks.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

CINDERELLA=Not that one

12:05AM -- Damn, my coach turned into a pumpkin again. Same story, night after night. Then I have to walk in these stupid glass slippers. They sure pinch. And if I take them off and try to walk barefoot the frigging cobblestones cut my feet. Ouch! Turned my ankle. ( Yes, 2 shoes. After all, in the original, there are two more nights.) But, the Prince is so charming and so handsome. He waltzes like a dream. I can't help but lose track of the time.
It wouldn't be so bad but I have to spend all day tomorrow catching those stupid mice. Well, that isn't half bad, because the little gluttons love cheese. But rounding up those lizards...ugh! (shudder)...slithery things. Why did my godmother have to use lizards for footmen.
Not only that, I have to hurry and get home before my stepsisters and step-mother. Because if they found out where I was tonight. Those witches would storm the house down.
Boy, do I hate those three harpies. One of these days...pow!
There is the house ahead, just a few more steps. Now where's that key? (Unlocks door-it creaks) Oops. I'll have to oil this thing tomorrow. (Enters, sits.) One shoe off. Hmmm, the other (wiggles toes, looks at clock. Jumps up.) Good grief, they'll be home in a minute and I'd better have their tea ready. I'd better have it just so, because they will be real cranky. But here they are. I will get them back, after I marry the Prince, and regain my inheritance they stole from me.

Orig. CGZ
Pic. by a stamp

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My Hb. goes for walks when the weather is good and he feels up to it. I don't walk anymore. Not like I used to be able to. Either my legs hurt, or my back. Or my IBS is being a nuisance. So, this time of year, I ask Hb. to look for tree and bush things. This time he found some fruit on an ornamental Quince. I've always wondered what a real quince looked like. These may not ripen. That is another tree. Last week, he came back with some green berries from the Arbutus unedo, also called: THE STRAWBERRY TREE. They did ripen. I hope I can go and see it when the fruit has ripened. It is a pretty tree.
Up on the left are some little live Oak acorns. The green berries are from the Pittosporeum. I always call them: Dinosaur food. And I really like the cute little Birch cones. I don't know what the little red berries are. They are hard, not soft.
The grounds here have a great variety of trees and plants from around the country and the world, because the man who built it loved nature and wanted the grounds to be a living Arboretum.
Makes it all quite pleasant.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Time for the little Lady apples. On a cute Christmas tree plate. They are so nice. I can't eat them, but my Hb. can. I only look at them.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


In November, 1989, a few days before his 57th. birthday, my older brother died from a brain aneurysm. His birthday was Nov., 7. In a way it was a suicide. He and his wife resented and hated me. Because they believed I had betrayed him out of his 'Birthright'. When it comes to money, families became totally insane. Rather than will all to Bud, Dad split what there was, between the three of us. People should grow up, and be more rational. Not less. Now in a way, my younger brother and my three older nephews blame, Priss. The 2nd wife for Bud's death. So, what really happened was that Bud hurt himself, not me.
He just was never able to dominate or get the best of me, and pay me back for being born and 'taking his rightful place'. Total silliness.
I always tried to make friends with him. Never happened. There were bits and pieces over the years. But, I could tell it was ephemeral.

Friday, November 2, 2007


When down goes the Sun
and twilight comes,
We watch the stars
appear, one by one.
The Stardancer's dance,
has just begun.
The stars then
seem quite twinkley,
but, 'tis really the dancers
that we see.
They dance and spin
and twirl all through
the night.
That is why the stars
shine so bright.
Each Dancer has
a separate star.
A myriad corps de ballet
Even more in the Milky Way.
Dancing all the night away,
'til the Earth turns 'round,
here again, comes day.
So, after they had done their best.
Each Stardancer takes their rest.
Orig. Poem by CGZ 2007
Orig. Doll by CGZ 1994

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Another shade of fall. A time full of family dinners which do nothing to keep us thinner. More turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, jello salad, pumpkin pie, oh my, My appetite was too big. geez, I feel such a pig.

A family time with all togther. But, all we do is pluck and ruffle, each other's feathers.