Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Instant Cake

I know, hey what's with all the cake thing. Well my family liked cake. The guys all worked hard and they liked their calories. Because, when guys work hard, they burn it right off. I will get to pie another time.
At home Mom and I made all kinds of cake. As to my question, 'why cake?'. Well, when you live out in the boonies. And it was before TV, it was something to do. Besides being a treat. And it's creative too.
At that time jello cakes were the thing. You know, you add jello to the cake batter to flavor it. and save some back to make a matching seven minute frosting. Now there are pudding cakes. Same idea, only using pudding instead of jello.
Mom and I pretty much perfected our angel cake. My Dad liked vanilla cake with whipped cream for frosting. Tasty.
Actually after I married, I never made that many cakes. Because it was me and Hb. So, if we wanted cake. We just bought a cupcake.
Somewhere along in here, I decided to make a 'mayonaise' cake. I went blithly along and made my cake. Then tee, hee, hee. When I cut a piece, took a bite, how silly LOL, I forgot, we only use Miracle Whip. It has vinegar in it. When I began to laugh at myself, my Mom and Dad gave me an odd look. I said, 'geez, dumb, I didn't even think about the difference, when I made the cake'. So, I ended up with a 'vinegar chocolate cake. LOL. Dad couldn't eat it, as he doesn't care for 'sour'. Hb. and I ate it.
Then in the 1960's along came the infamous 'Hippie' Carrot cake. ( Well, the appellate is mine.) With the awful sickening sweet cream cheese frosting. I don't know how many of those I made. We just finally got sick of it. I only made those for company or doll club meetings. Or a party.
A friend of ours made the most terrific Harvey Wallbanger Bundt cake. But, they moved and I didn't get the recipe.
Our social life diminished and our lifestyle changed. So, I didn't make cakes any more. The stores began to sell squares and individual slices of cake. So, no deprivation there.
Then one day Hb. came home with something really nifty. One Minute Cake!! Wow. Perfect. It comes in three or four flavors. Super. Only thing is, don't eat it by yourself, because one cake is 400 calories. So split it it someone. If you must eat it all yourself, count it as a meal and/or go for a very long walk. The cake packages can be hard to find. I think it is something the company is testing.

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LauraHinNJ said...

Fun post! I'm not much for cake - prefer pie for some reason. The exception would be lemon cake - it's my favorite.