Friday, April 13, 2007


I hadn't been blogging or leaving comments because the weather was cold and wet. I wasn't feeling well and am somewhat depressed. So, I don't care to visit much when I'm like that.
Although I do visit otherwise.
But, I had read the coyote stories and so that is why I put up that story. It is actually the first part of a longer story. The Moutain Lion encounters are very disturbing. I actually lay the blame on Walden. All the romantizing of nature. But, maybe the Mountain Men own some of it too.
Well, let me say this. I can appreciate the beauty of of seeming untouched nature. But, I know to respect it. We need to just let some of it be. Because without some untouched wilderness, everyting dies. See, Global Warming is real. The Native peoples that were here when the europeans began arriving. They knew how to live from the land. But, the invaders thought they were entitled to 'wrest' from the soil anything they wanted. They ripped and tore they shredded. They killed anything that came in the way.
Pure sillyness. Complete selfishness. Nature sustains us. Be gentle or it all goes away. I do not anthropomorphize nature, however I am an Enviromentalist. I was raised one, because of my Dad's business. Just as I was raised as a feminist before there was such a movement. My Mother called herself a Suffragette. the Feminist movement was actually the same, only the name was updated. But, that is a different tale.
I do get a little apprehensive about people not taking care when they go out. Yes, coyotes attack people. They will even attack full grown people.
I do like gardening. It is really Nature, but controlled.

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