Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The rain is wet
and pouring out.
Making puddles
all about.
Down the drainpipes
roars and rattles.
Sounding more like
it were battles.
in the courtyard
drips and splashes,
running, swirling
in a stream it dashes.
Out into the streets it putters
There to flood along the gutters.
Orig. Poem-1962&2007-byCGZ
I don't have a picture for this one.
It has been raining heavily here, Felt this
entry appropriate.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


When we moved in '92 I had to pack up all my dollhouses and furniture. And I sold my big Tudor style dollhouse we had made. A man came by, saw it, and purchased it for his grand daughter. I kept the Antique Doll house with Dutch roof. However, the place we moved to, was too small to for me to put it out and set it up. So, that house and my own dollhouse spent the next 10 years in the garage. Very mistaken choice.
My childhood dollhouse did not do well. I wasn't paying attention as I was working and not playing with my toys. (there is a post on that on my Magpie site. Which I also can not access.)
Therefore one day I went out and happened to look at my dollhouse. I was horrified! My little house is only made of pressboard, which is just layers of cardboard pressed together. Because of heat and dampness, the layers were beginning to separate. The little bathroom door had already separated. I haven't yet figured what to do about it.
So, I made a place for it in the house, by closing off the fireplace, which was unusable anyway.
I just never had the time or energy to set it up anyway. Sometimes it held dolls. Sometimes horses. Or part of my soft bunny collection.
But, as for the Dutch hip-roof dollhouse. it was left in the garage. It was all wood. I would check on it occasionally.
That place we moved to just never did get organized. I was too tired all the time. It was hard for me to get into anything. I am surprised I accomplished what little I did.
Then when we moved to where we live now. One day I was sitting moping and feeling low. As I looked around at my collections I had out to enjoy. I realized, I missed my big long gone dollhouse. That house was the one I used only for my antique dollhouse furniture.
So, I sat down and planned out a sort of bookcase that would be nice for displaying the antique furniture. Then my Hb. purchased the boards and made it for me. Came out good. Painted white to go with with the bookcases Hb. had made for the house. We put it up by the fireplace here. ( the fireplace here is unusable too!) Set up some of the furniture so I could enjoy it. Put in a few small dolls and it all came quite cute.
My own dollhouse is placed way up on top of our big old antique oak cupboard. Because that part of the house has a very tall ceiling. Looks nice up there.
The picture shows the bookcase/come dollhouse. A few angels and reindeer that I also collect.
P.S.: I sold the Dutch Roof dollhouse before we moved here. No place for it. Even though I sold my dollhouses, I kept all the furniture. Now, we are trying organize that, and will try to sell it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Do you remember the doll 'PINK'. I put her up
last summer when it was too hot to blog.
Well, as we are trying to sort out more of my stuff.
I finally found the second doll. Her name is;
Pink is on the right, that's Roseberry on the left.
They came as kits. which consisted of a bag with
with the head and hands. Another bag with
the already stuffed body. The shoes were seperate too. Also a booklet to
make crochected clothes for them. So, you
attach the head to the body. Then you crochet
the dress in the color of your choice. Very simple.
They were quite fun to put together.
I named them. They weren't pre-named.
I originally made them for a pair of grandneices.
But, I never got to see them as they growing up.
I saw 'J' as she was learning to walk.
I never got to see her sister'B'
until 2004. 'J' was just beginning high school.
I have not seen or heard from them again
So, the two dolls are going to my youngest niece,
their baby half-sister. 'S'.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Because I lost my Celebrin Silverlight blog, and can not get it back. My Hb. wrote to them-no answer. Is that a surprise-no. I had to make a new site. So, I am having to start all over. Which really annoys me. I was just beginning to build a 'neighborhood' too. DRAT!!!! I have left comments to that effect on the special blogs, I have bookmarked. I have been doing that a few at a time. I really do need to learn how to make a links column.
Some of my bookmarks are:
daring to write
my uncle pepek's journal
woof nanny
The whole story
little cotton rabbits
And maybe about a hundred more. I will eventually list all of them so you can track them down. They are all really fun blogs. A cross section of: artists, artisans, poets, crafters, dollmakers, writers and some are naturalists. Those who find beauty, inspiration, and solace in the living nature. People who find joy in enriching their lives in many ways.
I was was just checking my post options, and somehow the 'leave comments' had been unchecked!!!!!!!!!!! This is really taking all the fun out of it. I used to have a lot of patience. Well,
life and time have seriously diminished that trait.
I don't have a drawing for this post. Just picture someone having a really 'hissey' fit.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Celebrate before it's too late,

and all you have left is fish.

I suppose oysters would do,

oh, yes, lobster makes a

wonderful stew.

But, then again

if you happen to be vegen,

no problem with finding something to eat,

because squash will always be a terrific treat.

So have a good time

and things will be fine

It's only about 8 weeks until Easter.


Monday, February 19, 2007


Mardi Gras slipped up on me this year.
Because New Orleans is still struggling to recover.
I am so glad we had been to New Orleans in 1977.
I saw Pictures of the CARNIVAL In Rio De Janeiro.
(Have you ever seen the movie 'Black Orpheus'?
Smashing movie.)
Oh, is it that time already? I thought it was
March this year.
Anyway here is a Picture of my Commedia
Del Arte' Doll, Columbine in acknowledgement.
And her poem.
She is 24" tall
Graceful, charming Columbine.
Dancing in a Pantomime.
Is she not quite the couquette?
Harlequin desires, but will not get,
a kiss; no, not yet.
Oh! No! She will not
allow him
Such a thing so familiar.
Not, a kiss
right away.
First she will flirt and play,
allowing Harlequin
to stay
and court.
Because she is a gentle sort
He praises her lips and eyes,
oh, yes, to hear his sighs.
Her acquiescents
is such prize.
well worth the chase.
To see the sweet smile
her upon her face.


Orig. Doll-CGZ-1993

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here it is, trees are blooming, and in other parts
of the country, people are still digging out of ice and snow. Crazy weather the past some
odd years. Not only the warming, there is
a 'Nino' affect too. I am hoping we will get
enough rain for there to be snow in the
mountains, so we don't have a serious
water problem this Summer.
But, here are some pictures from the grounds.
They are Cherry trees that have double flowers.
I think they are so very pretty.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


This is the pits. Having to sign in each time I want to post. It is going to become very tiresome.
Not to mention most inconvenient. And the spell check--doesn't. Also, I can no longer pre-date my posts for later posting. EGAD YOU TADPOLES. This not how real life should be.
Before this, blogging was fun. Well, 'tain't no more. Makes it difficult to leave comments. I keep filling in the blanks until new Blogger decides what it is going to recognize. Ok, I'm venting. Well, you know, that's a good thing. I have tried to to leave comments to the blog neighbors as to my new situation. So, they can find me. As it turns out, it is just as well that I didn't have a links column, and good that I had only bookmarked them. I am going pull the three blog sites off to a floppy, and then to a disk. After that, I am going to delete the other three blog sites. Right now, it is somewhat confusing.

Friday, February 16, 2007

NEW BLOG SITE-Over The Fence

I have been having such trouble with blogger, that my husband made me an entirely new blog site. I used to be: 'Silverlight'. Now I'm not.
I was able to change the name of the blog. It is from one of my former posts. I think it is a better choice than what I had anyway.
So, From now on all of my new blog entries will be here. Absolutely no imagination.
I am going to pull everything I have done before and put it on a disk or floppy. To save it. I can take right from the blog site. So, there goes my art-handwork blog and collecting blog. oh well, one is enough to keep up with.
I wonder what the advantage is that I have to constantly sign in. Makes no sense to me.
This version is only twiddly fiddily. Simple is always better and less stressful. You want less stress, not more.