Thursday, April 12, 2007


I decided to put up this story, now, because of so many wild life confrontations between man and wild beasts. That have been in the news and mentioned by other bloggers. This is only the first section.
When I began writing my stories, it was after I started blogging and reading other blogs. Most of the first blogs I read, were very personal items that are journal material, or about nature, and that is not my thing. Well, I discovered journaling is. I have been keeping a Diary since 1965. Getting to read other's stories gave me ideas and insights as to how and where to begin. Gardening, now is something else. I appreciate nature yes, but it is just an everyday thing to me. There is a quote by Einstein where it says: the monotony of isolation stimulates creativity. Well, I guess, or else die of stone cold boredom. That may work for an adult, but not for a child.
People who have never needed to make a living relying on the country for their living have the false impression that everything is so serene and easy. WRONG. What they do not factor in is, they have never had to contend with: cougars, rattlesnakes, coyotes etc. Also, Bobcats, Pumas, that kill tame cats and dogs. However, as our population explodes, people are crowding the wildlife and with serious consequences for both man and beast. The animals that are left today are the survivors of a long time adaption. They are oppertunists. One time a bear attacked the watchman tent at the logging landing. The Guard got away ok. Because of course the bear was after the food. Coyotes attacked and killed our dog Rover. He made it home to us. But he died that night in front of the the wood stove where we had made a bed for him. Another time, my Mother was awakened by a lion's scream right outside her bedroom window. We could hear all the dogs scrambling around under the house to hide. After that my Dad kept a gun by their bed. One thing about 'Wild', is that rabbits at night were never able to figure out how to get out of the road at night.
Bouncing miles down the road, ahead of the car at night. Caught in their own shadow in the headlights. We tried different strategies. None worked. Because we knew it was the placing of their eyes. And deer just jump out in front of the car, with negetive results for both. I hit a couple with my big Buick. Knocked the head clean off the second one. A friend from college was with me and of course, she was horrified. Only left a small streak of blood on the chrome-plated rim of the right front headlight. So, I do not have any illusions about country living. Nor am I the least bit romantic about the woods. Although Nature may seem eternal and unchanging, it is not benign. It is extremely dangerous. And completely life threatening to the unwary.
Because, you see, I grew up in the northern part of my state. I was so far away from civilization, it was mind numbing and soul starving. We lived there because that is where my Dad was born and he and his Father went into the Lumber business. You can't run a successful sawmill business if you live in town. The main economy is based on: cattle ranching, crop farms and lumber. All very labor intensive livelihoods. No room for the niceties of life. Such a life may seem simple, but it is all hard work.


pepektheassassin said...

Gee, I was glad to hear from you again. I sometimes forget who "z" is--celebrin silverlight, right? The girl with the green eyes.

Interesting post.

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm sort of surprised to read that nature isn't your thing!

I think you're absolutely right to say that nature is not benign, but I appreciate it for that. For someone like me, I think, it is easy to romanticize it all because, really, it's not in my backyard. I've never lived in the country, or farmed, so compared to my boring life it all sounds very wonderful and exciting.

I'm sorry to read that you lost a beloved dog to coyotes! How awful. My post on coyotes was looking for stories so that I could be informed by people who have a TRUE experience with them. I think most of the people who've commented on that post are in agreement with the sentiment you share here. I'm glad for the deeper understanding their comments, and this post of yours have provided. That's why I blog about stuff - to learn! Thanks.