Friday, April 20, 2007


This is one of two dolls I made with a theme. Both dolls are: 11" tall. I made them sometime during the 1970's. Most remiss of me, I did not date them.
This doll is the more whimsical of the two. Sort of a Nature Girl Minstral made in my favorite colors, pink and peach. The main thing about them is that the embroidery is the focal point. I designed and embroidered the design on the dresses. For the doll herself, I adapted the pattern from a craft book I found at the library. I wish I could get enthused again like I was then. I do have another embroidery pattern for a doll like these.
Duet is made of a homespun look weaver's cloth. Mostly in peach. Her hair is a rose color soft worsted yarn. With beads individually strung. Her face is embroidered. The bird companion is made of felt. The dress is her only garment. The mandolin is made of a pink cloth and I embroidered it. It really ought to have a twisted cord for the shoulder strap and a tassel.
Very 70's retro.
When I'm feeling down. My dolls cheer me up.
In the photo it appears her feet are soiled, but, not. That is a reflection.

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