Thursday, March 1, 2007


Well, We finally got through to someone at blogger. And I was able to access my original three blogs. But, I did what I wanted to. I HAVE TOTALLY DELETED ALL THREE. I had already made a new blog. It is titled: 'OVER THE FENCE'. It is my official blog now. So if you go to the old site. It no longer exists. You will see some kind of ad. When I leave comments, I will be signed only as: z . Later, I may be able to make that 'silverlight' again.
I do have drafts of serveral blog items that do refer back to an original post. So, I have to decide how I will handle that situation. Maybe I could set up another blog, just for the items for reference.
So, even though I have been blogging since April-2006. It looks as if I have only been on line since November-2006.
Ummm, my Hb. made fried shrimp tonight for us. Later we will have some little carrots. We eat in increments. Easier to digest.


LauraHinNJ said...

I sent you an email the other day, did you get it?

I tried to visit your old site last night and leave a comment with you there, but the addy has already been taken over by some hostile entity that I think put spyware on my computer. Very strange how that happens so quickly.

Anyway, hope that your Blogger issues clear up soon and you can get back to enjoying this creative outlet.

Endment said...

Had the same experience as laura - there is some bad spyware on your site - may have been one of the problems.

Looking forward to more posts from you

pepektheassassin said...

THanks for stopping by and commenting at my place. I'm glad things are starting to reshape themselves--I've enjoyed your company!

Isn't spyware an alarming kind of thing? Hostile entity is a great way to define it. :(