Friday, March 16, 2007


I found out about a cute funny thing today.

In December past. I sent a check for my little niece , to be used to buy a gift for her, from me. Well, when we balanced my checkbook for this month. The check for my neice still had not cleared. I oh, jeez, what happened? Was it lost strayed stolen or what? So, I sent off an email to my neice-in-law, LaDona and told her my concerns. Well, luckily today she must have been on her computer. Because I received an answer quickly.
Yes, they received the check, however, my little neice wanted to put it in her Piggy bank too. Well, they tried to explain to her, it wasn't the real money, and they had to go to the bank to get it. Well, 'S' wouldn't have it. She wanted my check in her bank, because that was the gift. (She will be four in May. She is becoming concious of things.) So, LaDona said, ok then. And wrote VOID across the check and in it went into the Piggy Bank. Isn't that the cutest. It sounds just like something I would have done at that age. And rued it later. But, to 'S' a gift 'IS' a gift. LaDona said, don't send another, it's ok. Therefore, from now on, I will send real money someway. And so it won't be stolen by USPS employees.
I had Hb. wrap up a couple of horses I had made long ago, just for such a thing. And I am sending those in leue of another check.
They can use one for Christmas and one for Easter.

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