Wednesday, March 14, 2007


There really are very few movies that I'm in the least bit wanting to see. However, last year, The Phantom Of The Opera finally showed up on HBO. I think I've watched it about 6 or 7 times by now. That is what is nice about TV. In fact, I had not even read the original book. But, I had seen I think all of the previous versions. I always read the book, after I have seen the movie. I do recommend that sequence. Otherwise you will be upset and have a preconceived idea that won't be anywhere near the script for the movie. However the Andrew Lloyd Webber version is most lush and romantic. The music is exquisite.
The movie I am watching now is: Batman Begins. It is the best movie version of Batman so far. More Batman, less villan. Each time I watch the movie I see more of the dialogue. Yes, see. There is more story, not just a lot of mindless action just to fill time and use up film. Christian Bale has just the right subtle touch. And he has mentors. Older men, Father figures that he listens to and learns from. Good role models that. The movie is well conceived, well cast, good photography. Just overall an excellent production. They didn't let it get out hand. Katie Holmes she was ok I suppose. But, she is an experienced actor. She started out in Dawson's Creek.
I was looking forward to see Van Helsing. I watched it for about ten minutes, bleh. All yuky stuff. I was hoping it would be some what similar to, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Nope, nuttin' nowhow.
Do I watch date movies. Yeah. Sometimes. As long as the girl has some level of real intelligence, The movie, Mrs. Winterbourne is just superb. Shirley McClaine, Ricki Lake and Brenden Frazer. And then there is Miguel Sandoval, who plays the chauffer. Splended.
Also, Under The Tuscan Sun
Carolina .
Oh yes if you can find them,
Shirley Valentine
Strictly Ballroom.
Hilarious both.

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