Thursday, March 8, 2007


Last August-2006, My Hb. brought me a box of things that had been packed up since 2003. After going through it. I found a piece of tapestry fabric that I had been Embellishments of embroidered animals. Because I was making my version of a Unicorn tapestry, It, however is unfinished. I posted a story about in my former Blogsite, Celebrin Silverlight, which I lost and had to make a new site. This one.
In the box were two pieces of jacquard damask upholstery squares. One is light yellow green with a dark green floral pattern. The other is a lt. blue and white damask. I had been going to use each of those for embroidery too. One for an Arabian Horse design and the other for an Artemis Sacred White Doe design. The designs for those were still in my head.
I now have the design for the White Doe drawn out. But, I am not not sure which clor to use for the background and whether to embroider it, or do some applique with it. There are a couple of other possibilites.
So, here is my pattern for the Doe. I will very likely applique the Doe, simply because it will be less work. At my age now, I need shortcuts in order to do what I yet want to make

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