Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The Magic Within

I know this has the word Christmas in the title,
But, that is only an allegory.
So, I am not forseeing Christmas.
The poem is how we all have a 'magic' within.
We just have to recognize it, and let it out.
How this poem came about, I woke one
morning with this song still playing.
I quick grabbed paper and pencil and
wrote as much as I could before it
dissapated. Which it did quite quickly.
That was serveral years ago.
I am still trying reclaim it. This is my latest
Song From A Dream

There's Magic like
a Christmas Tree
shining bright in
colors bold,
Rose And silver
Green and Gold
there within
each soul.
for you always to
have and hold
The Magic will ever
set you free.
If you believe
in the Magic.
there it will ever be.
For the Magic
is for being. living.
loving, using everyday.
Not, to ignore or
hide away.
Let it out, nurture it
and let it brightly
shine Just let it soar.
Let your Magic
fill your life and
fill your heart.
forever more.


Orig. Poem-2007-byCGZ
Orig. Art-2005-byCGZ

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