Sunday, March 11, 2007


I see that my blog has not been visited in a long time. Even though I visit other blogs at least weekly. So, I must be terribly boring. And write nothing that anyone else can relate to. Not even my friends have been by. And they are the ones I wrote for initially. Maybe it is because I haven't my links list. Laurahin said she would help me with that. But, I have been ill again, lately.( I get so bored, with being ill) My Hb. took me for a ride. I got carsick and for the next two days, had one of my really beastly migraines. UGH!!BLEGH! I am still doing horsies though. And I have made three new patterns. Although, I do find myself going through doll dress fabrics. That is a good sign. I do believe that is how I used to be. I had this cycle I would go through. Going from one interest to another. Reading, writing, drawing, designing, making toy animals. Then little dolls and back to sewing clothes for my fashion dolls. Oh, yes, that's right, embroidery, then lacemaking, was in there somewhere. And once in awhile I would even find time to actually sew for myself. But, I always did have a lot of interruptions. Life you know. Family. And our doggie got very ill. We lost her in 1986. She was 14. So, she had a long life for a dog. I am going to do a separate story of our little ones. I also sort of started on my toy horses because I was getting somewhat lonely without pets. (Our last little guy died in 1995. He was only 5. We have no idea why he died. The vet was baffled too. Never again we said.) Here is a picture of a few of the miniature dolls I used to make. Yes, I kept some for myself. The tallest is only 6 inches tall.
I have quite a few unfinished little toys and dolls. I hope I can get some of them done before I get too old. And have completely lost my skill.

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