Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We don't know what happened. Maybe all the bedding flowers were frozen in the fields. When in January there was that hard frost. My Hb. has been running himself ragged trying to find flowers for me. There aren't any. I told him never mind then. But, he went out today and found half dozen plants, not primroses though. He said that he found a guy ar one nursery, who was ordering primroses. So, Hb. asked about that. And the manager said he would add to the order. Nice. Hb. is to call Thursday to see what came in.
He planted what he had found and just in time. It began to rain right after. It will be good for the plants/or pound them into the ground. I'll see on Wednesday.
So, by week's end I'll have real Primroses, or just be satisfied with my portrait of Primroses.

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