Sunday, March 4, 2007



Over on somewhereinNJ's blog, she told a story about how her Mother liked to dance
to the radio. The radio would be on, and her Mom would just grab the older brother and dance around the room. Just super. That made me think of how we , Mom, my kid brother, me and my Dad. used to do just that too. Really nice.
Sometimes I would be doing something in my room. Maybe drawing, painting or needlework. Or else out in the dining room using my sewing machine. the radio would be on and, Finally I would just have to move. So, I would dance by myself. Then Mom would catch on and we would dance together. She always led. Then, sort of like they had psychically felt it and Dad would come in from his office and My brother from the machine shop. He would actually leave the heap of junk he was turning into a car. To come in and dance with us.
Our house was a long house, no hallway. Each room opened to the other. So, we would just dance around through the entire house. Those were some of the few fun times.
There wasn't any TV when I was growing up. That came way after W.W.II. Movies were one our entertainment's, along with listening to the Radio. And--weekend community dances. Since there were quite a few communities, there was always a dance somewhere. Everyone knew, more or less how to dance.
My Mom was a terrific dancer. Really talented. My kid brother and I inherited her talent and aptitude. And the love of dancing.
My Dad, well, he danced to the beat of the bass drum, which beat the timing of the music. so, he sort of did a -slide-glide style. Dad did quite well, It was always rather like a waltz. In various beats. My older brother was not talented at all for dancing. But, he did work on mastering Dad's style. Mom. Kid Bro & I always loved to dance.
Later, after Rock and Roll killed Ballroom Social Dancing. So Mom and Dad went with Square Dancing. Very nice substitute. When I was home from school on weekends and during the Summers, I learned to Square Dance too. Then we were finally able to get my kid bro. Up and dancing. He and I almost always partnered each other. We danced well togther. Until the few other singles saw we were really quite good. I would be asked by someone else and when kid Bro. asked a girl she would accept.
Life changes. I haven't danced in years. You know what, that IS another story.

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