Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Fairly simple really. Christmas Eve we left around 5:30pm, to drive to a district in town that has a tradition of decorating for Christmas since just after W.W.II . A small fir tree in each front yard lit with multicolored lights. With lights outlining the house. And as many lights, more less that the occupant may want to do.
When I first came here to go to school. The first year my two roommates and I drove around. F. had lived here longer than me. So, she was our guide.
That area was always the nicest at Christmas. But, after 2000. After we had moved. (hated that move.) Different occupants moved in, and just seemed not to be into Christmas.
Only the 'Glen Eyrie' were consistent. And some houses across the street, might try to match. I may have written about this in a blog entry last year.
Anyway it was wonderful to see how much the citizen's there were expressing and sharing their Christmas Holiday celebrations.
We then went to YUM YUM Donuts. Dale got us one raised, glazed donut. and one crusty Apple Fritter. I love apple fritters. But it has been a long time since I had one. because of my stomach situation. However! Wonder of wonders! These were completely fresh. They were crisp, and not soggy. And didn't taste of stale oil. Ooh, lovely. We slowly ate them as we drove home. Just pulling off small bites and slowly savoring them. We hadn't had something from Yum Yum since last year, when we viewed the lights.
After we were home. We just sat in the big room. I can't call it a living room, because that's not where we sit the most. I have our sitting room in what was a front bedroom.
Our bedroom is a room in the back by the patio.
Anyway, we listened to Christmas music and enjoyed the lights on four trees. Hb. just sat. Know what? I sewed for my doll! I was feeling good enough to.
This year I chose to wait until the morning for our presents. I think Hb. may have been disappointed. But, he said he wasn't.
Next morning, I got up right after he did. He gets up early. 9:ish. So I had some coffee and toast and we opened our presents then. Hb. had done some great shopping.
We had a nice little Christmas. Holidays really begin in the heart.
Late in the afternoon. I did have a stomach upset, from the donut and fritter.
Well, the fritter was really tasty anyway.
Then the headache I was expecting finally developed this afternoon. Ugh.
Not to be concerned. The headache arrived too late and didn't spoil my Christmas.

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