Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I said that I had not made a Christmas doll when I was still making my dolls. There were so many out there at that time, I just felt I didn't need to. I looked at a lot of angels. There were all kinds of all kinds of mediums. To me they were either too much or not enough.
I used to get the catalogs from Franklin Mint. I have serveral of their dolls. They are quite beautiful.
They had a number of angels in their line. I finally decided on NOEL. She has a very real face. With a lovely expression. Very calm and serene. So, I ended up bringing her to my house to live with me. However, she ended up staying in her box for a very long time, before I had time and space to put her out on display. She is so beautiful. Understated, not flashy or exaggerated in her costume. But, still Christmas.
9/11/01 destroyed the collecting field. Which is way too bad. People are being frugal as times changed.

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