Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today is our anniversary. Can't have imagined. No, don't ask. Since I am ill most of the time. Kind of takes the fun out of it. To add on that. Hb. had to go get a root canal. Isn't that a present!? But, late afternoon, Hb. took me out for a ride to look at Christmas lights and a chocolate coffee from Starbuck's. He mixes it, not one of those silly latte things. Puleeeze. I really would have liked to have gone to Barnes and Noble. However, I quite likely would have contracted something nasty and then have been sick from now , until after New Year's.
Hb. bought us a very nice card. Oh, yeah, back about the late 1980's or early 90's. I had us begin to use only one card. Since I was working odd hours all the time, Hb. was the only one of us who had time to shop. Works out quite well. Besides, a card costs as much as a book. And only has one page of writing. Maybe two. I am not cheap, really. Just practical. Besides, he finds the cards that say the sweetest, nicest things. He brought us our traditional Poinsettia, a pink one. Hooray. There doesn't seem to be the selection of colors there used to be. Last year was red. Varigated poinsettias used to be available. But, I guess they didn't catch on. I loved them. I like unusual plants. In the past, I've sort of grown, or tried to grow several different kinds. Hum. Maybe I ought to talk about that sometime. Next year.
Here is a fairly good pic of our annual poinsettia. You know what we found out. They are no longer grown to continue. They are considered to be like a cut flower. They are only rooted stems. That's why they don't last much past after Jan. 1st.

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