Saturday, December 8, 2007


Here is a picture of our trees again. As usual we have three small ones. They are rather fun. My Hb. got a great shot in front of the window. No reflection. All they have on them are lights. And five angels between them. the two trees on the left have two angels each. The little tree on the right has just one angel. They are made by me. I made them out of various extravagant ribbons. Satins and brocades. They are between 4" to 6" tall. I made and sold most of them at a shop in the 90's. This all I have left. I kept them for myself.
Back to our trees. We decided to go for this size, as we just have the energy to do an 8" footer anymore. And we sold it. I'm selling as many of the ornaments as I can.
These trees are more fairy tale like with just lights too.
There is another tree in the corner by the un-usable fireplace. The room seems cozy though anyway, with just the trees on.
Oh, yes, we leave them out all year. This next year though, they will need to be taken apart and dusted. The tallest tree is about four feet tall.

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Endment said...

The trees are beautiful - Wish you could come and decorate for me - I feel totally uninspired.

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