Thursday, December 20, 2007


In my Wishbook post, I realized I wrote in such a way, that it seemed we kids only got one thing for Christmas. Not so. Actually we received two presents from each family member. So, that makes 6 each. There were 'Santa' presents and there were personal presents. But, the 'big' presents came from 'Santa'. The splurge presents were the special ones. Like my dolls and later my dollhouse and Bud's Lionel train set. So we weren't skimped at all.
Really though, it was difficult for our parents to not spoil us. They really had to hold themselves back. Because both of them as far as I know, grew up without Christmas. They only had Christmas together, after they were married and the first child born. Our Mother insisted on it. She wanted Christmas very much.
When I was older and asked Mom and Dad what Christmas was like when they were kids, I was stunned when they told me they hadn't any Christmas. The day was just another day. I eventually learned such a thing was not that unusual. Christmas is a real privilege and a fantastic joy to all who can celebrate it.
This a picture of Marie now. She is wearing a real baby dress. The elastic is gone in the sleeves, and needs replaced.

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