Thursday, December 6, 2007


Holiday Treats- Fudge candy

During the Winter a lot of people like to make their own holiday sweets. My Uncle Hi was one, and Mrs. Schnieder another. We were quite glad about that. Because you see, Candy was not one of the culinary arts my family was able to obtain.
My Uncle made: divinity, fudge, penuche and caramel turtles.
Mrs. S made the greatest penuche. Better than my uncle's. But, uncle's divinity was better. It didn't matter. We gratefully and with much appreciation received their gifts of Holiday treats. Since we knew they wouldn't eat anything made by my Mother. (spiteful. oh, that's another story.) Dad would buy small gift packages of cheese and assorted nuts, maybe hard candies, to give in return. It was a real loss when times changed and they no longer made the candy.
We tried divinity, what we ended up with, was a batch of seven minute frosting. We used it on graham crackers.
As for penuche, don't even go there. The dogs liked it.
Now fudge. Where do I begin?
We had always tried to make our own fudge. And in a way, we did. Make our 'own' fudge. It was like no one else's, ever. No matter what we did, it never came out really the same way twice. It was always an adventure to try fudge. Hah. And a lot of fun too. It was something all of us would paticipate in.
Uncle Hi gave us some advice. I don't why we couldn't make it work. And Mrs.S. also had some suggestions. We even bought a thermometer. Maybe we just were in too much of a hurry.
Mostly, we ended up with sugared fudge. Hard as a rock, we had to chip it out of the pan. What's more, we became so used to having that sort of fudge, when we bought some real fudge, it just didn't seem to taste right. Isn't that one of the funniest thing you have ever heard of?
Absolutely hillarious!! We thought so. Real fudge was much too rich for our palate.
What a hoot.
The reason we used cooking as recreation, we lived in the country and there wasn't any TV. It was brfore Tv. We did have radio though. Sometimes we would make cookies. I will tell that at another time.
Once I left home, I never tried candy again. Besides, I lived in a city, I could find whatever I wanted.
But, homemade candy does taste much different than commercial made. Much better.
Sorry, no picture for this either.

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