Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am not making a big deal out of what I received for Christmas. But, As I did remark: Hb. did great shopping. But, this one is the best present.
When he and I were first married, our rings were made of solid 24 carat hand carved gold rings. Puzzle rings. They were carved, not a wax cast. From a small souk in Lebanon, Beirut. He had been in the Airforce and spent his second year there. He loved Beirut. When it exploded in to war and was literally demolished. Hb. was just devastated. He had planned to go back and show it to me. But that was quite awhile after we had been married. Anyway, when I finally agreed to marry him, he had the rings already. I waited a year, to decide.
I loved those rings. We still have them , but, well we have both gained weight and developed enlarged knuckles. So, had to take them off. They are in a box. I have been without a marriage ring for 15 years. Perhaps I kept hoping I would drop some this stuff I'm hauling around. However, not yet. So, I went without a ring.
I definitely did not want a diamond. I don't care for diamonds. They are too splashy and flashy. So, I only thought about a ring intermittently. It was not even on a wish list.
So, when I unwrapped this pretty little gift Tuesday morning. I was quite surprised. What a really pretty ring it is. The stones are Tanzanite. A very hard to find and unusual stone. They are only found where a meteorite has plowed into the earth.
They are quite small marquise cut stones and they are a sort of pale periwinkle color. Very dainty and feminine. It is nice to have marriage ring again.
Of course my poor chilblain hands do not do it justice. But, I love the ring.

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