Monday, November 19, 2007

TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

There is bountiful and then there is plenty. However, there comes a time when: there is; Too Much.
Last Sunday, I wanted to get out of the house, So I had Hb. take me over to our little Library. I was hoping for a new Ouilter's book. But, Not. I did pick out a couple of issues of Ladies Home Journal. The November issue features Paula Deen.
The recipe section presented her Selection for Thanksgiving Dinner. WOW!

Here is the calorie stats: per serving

Cola-Basted Ham--------------------330

Deep-Fried Turkey------------------370

Green Beans with
Red Potatoes------------------------310

Corn Bread Stuffing-----------------675

Sweet Potato Casserole------------905

Stuffed Cranberry Sauce-----------215

Double Chocolate
Gooey Butter Cake ----------------365

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie---------590

That's almost twice the calories for one person for one day!! And they likely eat second helpings.
I would probably only eat very small servings, like; a tablespoon of dressing, a tablespoon of sweet potatoes, A close to regular serving of the greenbeans with potatoes. I do prefer turkey to ham, because it digests better for me. And for dessert a 1/8th piece of -pie. I would only taste a bite of cake from my Hb.'s cake. And one half glass of wine. After that, coffee.
After that we would excuse ourselves and go for a walk around the block, weather permitting.
The point of the dinners is to share food and be together. Not, to stuff oneself stupid. Enjoy, but not to the point of becoming sick.
I do believe that only once have I ever made Thanksgiving dinner. However, that is another story. Have you seen that commercial where the young woman is wrestling with the big turkey? HA, HA, that's me, been there, done that.

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