Saturday, November 3, 2007


In November, 1989, a few days before his 57th. birthday, my older brother died from a brain aneurysm. His birthday was Nov., 7. In a way it was a suicide. He and his wife resented and hated me. Because they believed I had betrayed him out of his 'Birthright'. When it comes to money, families became totally insane. Rather than will all to Bud, Dad split what there was, between the three of us. People should grow up, and be more rational. Not less. Now in a way, my younger brother and my three older nephews blame, Priss. The 2nd wife for Bud's death. So, what really happened was that Bud hurt himself, not me.
He just was never able to dominate or get the best of me, and pay me back for being born and 'taking his rightful place'. Total silliness.
I always tried to make friends with him. Never happened. There were bits and pieces over the years. But, I could tell it was ephemeral.

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