Saturday, November 10, 2007

CINDERELLA=Not that one

12:05AM -- Damn, my coach turned into a pumpkin again. Same story, night after night. Then I have to walk in these stupid glass slippers. They sure pinch. And if I take them off and try to walk barefoot the frigging cobblestones cut my feet. Ouch! Turned my ankle. ( Yes, 2 shoes. After all, in the original, there are two more nights.) But, the Prince is so charming and so handsome. He waltzes like a dream. I can't help but lose track of the time.
It wouldn't be so bad but I have to spend all day tomorrow catching those stupid mice. Well, that isn't half bad, because the little gluttons love cheese. But rounding up those lizards...ugh! (shudder)...slithery things. Why did my godmother have to use lizards for footmen.
Not only that, I have to hurry and get home before my stepsisters and step-mother. Because if they found out where I was tonight. Those witches would storm the house down.
Boy, do I hate those three harpies. One of these days...pow!
There is the house ahead, just a few more steps. Now where's that key? (Unlocks door-it creaks) Oops. I'll have to oil this thing tomorrow. (Enters, sits.) One shoe off. Hmmm, the other (wiggles toes, looks at clock. Jumps up.) Good grief, they'll be home in a minute and I'd better have their tea ready. I'd better have it just so, because they will be real cranky. But here they are. I will get them back, after I marry the Prince, and regain my inheritance they stole from me.

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Endment said...

Love this one
Are you going to make a small illustrated book?