Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hah!! First people stuff and gorge themselves with food. Then stay up all night to get a low price on something that is overpriced in the first place. And they stuff the credit cards to the limit. 'But I got it on sale!!' They cry. Yeah, but with the monthly interest, how much has it cost, by time the card is paid up.
I don't do the 'day after madness' anymore. However, every shopping day after Thanksgiving, is madness. Hustle bustle. I hate sales. I can never find anything, or if I do, wrong size, wrong color, why bother. Or, it is all sold out.
And, I always used to really like to go shopping. My Mom and I loved the hunt. To see what wonderful something we might find. With Mom it was mainly clothes. She was a real clothes-horse. I learned style from her.
Elec-tech is not my thing. Dispite this new 'Kindle' thing. I prefer a real book.
I think this was a 'crazy dog barking' post.

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