Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My Hb. goes for walks when the weather is good and he feels up to it. I don't walk anymore. Not like I used to be able to. Either my legs hurt, or my back. Or my IBS is being a nuisance. So, this time of year, I ask Hb. to look for tree and bush things. This time he found some fruit on an ornamental Quince. I've always wondered what a real quince looked like. These may not ripen. That is another tree. Last week, he came back with some green berries from the Arbutus unedo, also called: THE STRAWBERRY TREE. They did ripen. I hope I can go and see it when the fruit has ripened. It is a pretty tree.
Up on the left are some little live Oak acorns. The green berries are from the Pittosporeum. I always call them: Dinosaur food. And I really like the cute little Birch cones. I don't know what the little red berries are. They are hard, not soft.
The grounds here have a great variety of trees and plants from around the country and the world, because the man who built it loved nature and wanted the grounds to be a living Arboretum.
Makes it all quite pleasant.


LauraHinNJ said...

Very pretty arrangement of the fruits of the season.

Dan said...

The Strawberry tree fruits are beautiful (and tasty too).