Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have been watching the Shows on the the PBS, HISTORY CHN. and DSC, about how the universe and planets were formed. Fasinating reasearch. How much we do not know and never will.
My Dad and I were both interested in Astronomy. In summer we would take the telescope and go out in the big open space out from the sawmill sorting chain. Set up the scope and spend time looking at the stars and moon.
The MOON is the child of the Earth, the Earth is a child of the Solar System, which is a child of the Galaxy. And the UNIVERSE is a the Great Child of the GREAT MYSTERY.
We are children of the GREAT MYSTERY too. All a part of everything. Eternal yet, not really unending.
Even the Native peoples have that tradition in their sacred stories . The legend runs all thru the folk and sacred tales all over the world.
We are down here on this world made just for us. We are all children of the Universe. Perhaps our Milky Way Galaxy was created just for us. If so, ? How many more places were created for other beings?
All of the stars and galaxies out there, the new particles they've found. Black holes, empty spaces without stars or matter.
To have to realize that some great future time, all of this will come to a huge change. So, after all, what does all this mean in the end?
All of the other planets out there like us, their arts, music, paintings, sculpture, architecture? Our philosophies and poetry? Literature . Those are children of the Universe too.
What will happen to them? Although, they might be in the eternal memory, so not to be lost.
Oh, by the way, this is not a Christmas story in any way shape or kind. It is about Astronomy and the study of the Universe. In case you were wondering.

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pepektheassassin said...

Z, check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day site, if you have not already dome so. You'll love it! Look around, click on what interests you within the text. This place will amaze and astound you!