Tuesday, October 30, 2007


No, I am not talking about the song.
At 8:04 PM, We had an earthquake of 5.6. It lasted between 16-20 seconds. And yes, that is a long time. Where we live is just a short space from the epicenter. Our dwelling both bounced and rocked. I was a little scared. Because as it turns out, It is the biggest since the Loma Prieta in October, 17, 1989. That one was a 6.9 to 7.1. And lasted 15 seconds.
This time I was on the computer, my Hb. had gone up to the spa to use the pool and tub. Nothing fell or broke. At least as well as I can tell
It took almost 20 minutes for the TV stations to catch up. So, I was able to get what happened.
Then, people began to email pictures, to show different sorts of damages.
Oh, yeah, a lot people lost their cell phone service for about 15 minutes. Gave them something to consider.It is now 10:25 PM, and there has been 10 of the small after-shocks. This is normal. They will happen for days.
On Wednedsday, there was a 3.9 after shock. Pretty good sized bumper.

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