Thursday, October 4, 2007


Since I can't get out much anymore, my Hb. tries to find something to bring to me. He knows I like to read magazines. So he checks to see what he may find for me. And really, it is not that easy. He picked up a copy of the new Family Circle for me a couple of weeks ago. Well, I used to only buy the Winter Craft issues. They don't have those anymore. Turns out the mag. isn't half bad. Surprised me. I have some free subscriptions to House Beautiful and House and Garden, What a crappy waste of paper those magazines are. I can remember when they actually had something in them that was usable. since they are free, I look through them once and throw them away. Not even worth keeping for collage projects.
Went over to our Library and saw they had Woman's Day. So, I checked out a couple. Bleh! I used to always buy that magazine. I just haven't since the 80's. I was doing dolls and flowers , rather than crafts. WHO OR WHAT KILLED OFF CRAFTS!!??!! And sewing!!!!!!!!!
Whoever did, needs their head reworked. Maybe the same thinking that eliminated music and all the arts from our schools. I am not talking quilts here, I mean making one's clothes occaisionally. Being able to wear something no one else will ever have. Much better than over priced 'Designer Wear'.
Man, I digressed again. Drat.
Anyway Even my doll magazines are hard to find. Subscribe you say?, Well, no matter how good the magazine is. There are always four a year, that are not to my interest.
Oh, yeah, last year or the year before, I had a free subscrition to 'W'.
I hated that magazine. It is 'so' New York. Their editorial content is so surreal, You have no idea what they are selling.
The young people have no idea what they are missing. Crafts are such a great outlet to find one's self. Art creates brain gray matter. Enhances understanding and nurtures curiosity.
I also, used to buy: Victoria, Victorian Home, Romantic Homes. Oh yeah, Traditional Home. But, Martha Stewart ruined that magazine. I like Martha, but, she is not my style.


LauraHinNJ said...

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with magazines. Most are crap, like you say. The only one I subsribe to is Vanity Fair - a bit political, but often I find something to my liking and sometimes even read every article.

I like to buy Country Living and some of the gardening magazines, but end up just looking at the photos - which really is a waste, but there's not ever much worth reading.

LauraHinNJ said...

Just had another thought. I like to do scrapbooking and cross-stitch and sometimes find worthwhile magazines at craft stores - like Michael's and AC Moore (do you have them by you?)

I imagine there must still be some people who sew so that theyr'll be mags for them!