Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hum, seems I have a thing about Wednesday. I mentioned that before. I just haven't felt up to anything for a few days. I'm restless. But, can't go anywhere. Actually, no where to go. I do small things that need to be done. We are going to try to sell our many ' years of collecting' Christmas ornaments. We used to have an 8 ft. tree. I use to spend a week decorating it. We always left it up until Valentine's Day. Then a week taking it down. But, we sold that one years ago. We only use some small trees now. I still have ornaments that were used on our family tree at home.
I have not been out to look, so, am not sure if Christmas stuff is out around here. Halloween is replacing Christmas now anyway. Why are people so enthralled and obsessed with gruesome, gah!!!!! Guess, times changed and I am not amused.
Halloween really was a sort of end of harvest ritual originally. It was demonized by very ignorant people during the dark ages of history.
The weekend, my Hb. found one good nectarine and one good peach. So, he used them to make a small fruit krumble. Tasty. The side affects were not too bad.
Where I live now, there are no children. So, I do rather miss the little trick or treaters. One year, I asked a few of them, what sort thing could they do for their treats. They were totally flummoxed. I asked, " can you sing, say a poem, do a dance??" "Nooo." I told them that, was my trick for them and passed out the candy. I gave everyone of those children, two pieces of candy each. I have oftened wondered what they told their parents about that strange lady, who asked them to sing for the candy.

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harmonyinline said...

Good for you asking for a trick my Dad used to ask trick-or-treaters for a trick also I think he got some trick-or-treaters to hop on one foot for him.