Sunday, October 28, 2007


No, not that type of racy. There was both Horse racing and NASCAR racing.
This will probably be a snore for you. But, I like it.
The NTRA Breeder's Cup Championship Races were split into two days for the first time in the history. So, it was Friday and Saturday. Three hours Friday and 6 hours Saturday. And it was pouring rain both days. So the track was a quagmire. Most of the horses did a brave job in spite of the conditions. I really only watched about half of each race. serveral of the touted horses did not do well. The big race was the last one on saturdaay. It was a race of favorites. Almost a mutiple match race. The winner was a lovely bronze color 3 yr. old male horse, named 'Curlin'. But, a horse was lost. The pride of the European horses named 'George Washington'. He made a mis-step in the mud and fractured an ankle. No hope, so he was euthanized right there.
I also watched most of the NASCAR races. Busch on Saturday and NEXTEL on Sunday.

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LauraHinNJ said...

I miised it altogether because I was in Cape May. Glad I didn't get to see that horse breakdown.

Didn't see any mention of how my favorite, the local Any Given Saturday, did.