Thursday, October 11, 2007


I decided I would go to our little library here and see what sort of sort of books people have been reading. I chose 6 books. And hoped. Unusual for me to pick new mainstream literature.
I am sorry to report, I was not entertained. The two I did like. I realized I had already read. I had just forgotten to list them in my 'Read Book' list. Two of the books were:'wallbangers'. The female kept biting her lip in any and all crisies. Man, that annoys me. I remembered then, that's why I stopped reading those sort of books. Stupid female main characters. I am trying to not buy any more books. Because Amazon is swamped, so some sell for .01 plus media mail. The big main library seldom has something I'm looking for. Even in the non-fiction books. In that previous post 'on- what I am reading', Dawn was ok. The Rosetti Letter was a crash. Guess I will go get out my copy of 'Child Of The Morning', and read it again. Another of my favorite books that I take care to savor is: 'The Forgotten Beasts Of Eld'. Pure Poetry.
I am becoming very opinionated from being by myself so much. That's what happens when one is alone too much. Sometimes, I don't know who I am.

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Changes in the Wind said...

There are so few people who like non-fiction but may I suggest the one I have written, "Buckskin Bessie - Her lost letters"
This book is based on handwritten letters found in a local estate sale and when you read them you will be transported to the past century:)