Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It has been raining. But now Autumn begins. It comes later here in this part of the state.The Liqiud Ambers should be next. And then the fruitless cherries. I love the color of the Hawthorns take. I go gather a small basket full, I add a few Birch cones and a berry thing. Just for display.
It is nice.
Autumn is here in full color by December.
I almost forgot. The Marvelous Gingko trees that become shimmering gold. And may have been the Elusive Golden Raintree in the book and movie, 'Raintree County'. Superb story of life, love, and compromise of expectations.

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Endment said...

I miss the Ginko trees that were in front of my childhood home.
Autumn here is maple, beach, oak.... wonderful crimson, gold, bronze, yellow and persommon

I love fall and the cooler days it brings