Wednesday, September 5, 2007


These are three books I'm reading. Well, not at the same time. I have just finished Queen Of The Dawn. It is a story about Egypt during the Hyksos occupation. Dawn is the Princess Nefra, last of her line. But, a rallying point for her people. It's A Haggard book. For a man he is pretty good. I had a hard time tracking down a copy. The libraries do not have it. Took me serveral years.
The next book will be: The Rosetti Letter. Takes place in Venice Now and in the 17th. century. I hope it will have a good story. Sometimes even when I research, the book still turns out to be a flop.
The other book I have previously read, so it will the last.
Oh, yes, I am sewing on some doll outfits for Eithne too. I sew until my carpel tunnel is too much. Then I put on an elastic bandage on my hand and I read for awhile.

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