Saturday, September 29, 2007


Dollhouse Dreams
I had a story about my childhood dollhouse on one of my other blogs. But, that site developed trouble so I dismantled it. Maybe I ought to post it here on this blog. Maybe I will in a month or so.
Anyway, I had always wanted a terrific dollhouse. A big one with real doll furniture. Not that 1/12th scale stuff. That hasn't any 'Play" value. It is only to look at. I much prefer "Toy" dollhouse furniture. Much more 'Play" value. You know, 'hands on'.
I never did get what I really wanted. More because out here, antique toy furniture is just not that available. I spent years scrounging for it. I have a very nice Solid silver game table I found in Vancouver, Can. Also, a set of four gold-leaf stenciled parlor chairs.
Since I never found the house I wished for, My Hb, and I built a rather nice large six room dollhouse out of extra heavy crating cardboard. Hum. Best save that for another time. I do rather tend to digress.
To try to appease my wish , I collected almost every book on antique dollhouses and furniture. I collected pictures and plans from craft magazines.
This picture of a greeting card with a huge Victorian dollhouse is just one of several in my stack.
Isn't it great. Now, I just enjoy looking at it. And I remember the five dollhouses I did have, but, have sold off now. All I have left, is my original childhood toy house.
What I do regret is that, somehow or other, I never took a photo of the big cardboard Tudor or the five-room hip-roof house. No, I am not teasing myself.
We have been selling off the furniture as best we can. It is very slow. People are buying tech stuff that always breaks. Then they have to buy a new piece. Seems very wasteful to me.


LauraHinNJ said...

Your dollhouses sound much more beautiful than anything I've ever seen!

I wasn't much into dolls, but had one of those awful *Barbie* dollhouses made from cardboard with the *box on a string elevator*.

Changes in the Wind said...

I have a dollhouse. I bought it already put together and then began to dismantle it because the person who had put it together used hot glue!!! I love the old thing because it reminds me of the homestead my mother grew up on in Montana...Parlor and porch and etc.
Yes indeed take pictures of all the things you will always have them close to your heart and as proof of your handywork.