Thursday, September 20, 2007


I thought I was not going to be bothered so much by stomache upsets. I lied. Although it could a combination. A week ago Sunday, my best friend called me and I couldn't talk. I was too sick.
And I have been sick all week. The weather cooled off. The weatherman says rain, but have not had any right here. We have also had to use the heater. It is usually October first . It's gonna be a c-o-o-l-d winter. I can tell. We have had a cool summer too.
Then, just as I thought I was ok. It hit again. My friend called-- again. Nope I was too sick. Well, Tuesday, She called, yes, I was ok.
We visited for two hours. It was wonderful. We are both sewing for our little fashion dolls. Her doll is a very special 8" smiling Bru ltd. ed. only available from the UFDC. My doll is a 9 1/2" F.G. fashion is of course, Eithne. I am going to send her some silk. I have lots, and it's hard for her to go out looking too. I'm such a fabriholic, I have stash from the 1970's.
My friend hasn't been able to blog, because her new computer is a lemon and refuses to be anything else.
My friend is the only doll person I have personal, (albeit, by internet), contact with.
But she is what I need.

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