Friday, August 24, 2007


In my Blog last year. I wrote about my desire for a tea set. And that I never received one.
Well, I did finally have one. A miniature set, in porcelain with little flowers and gilt trim.
The story is: My Dad went into partnership with this guy in Oregon, and Dad was trying to set up a Two X Four Mill up there in a small town called Drain. So, there were a lot of trips back and forth, building the mill. Organizing the running of the business and lining up buyers. All kinds of details.
There was the nicest Toy and Gift shop in a town we passed through. The town was Oakridge. The name of the little shop was; Cooper's Gift and Craft Shop. It was a small store, but carried lines of things I never knew about, or had only seen in magazines at Christmas. To Davey and I, it was kid heaven. After I discovered it. My brother and I always HAD to stop there. During one of stops, the shop had gotten in some exquisite Miniature tea sets. They were simply too precious. The spouts really poured. The Teapot is 1 1/2" tall. You might say they are in 2" to 1ft. scale. And NOW I needed to chose only one. Took me awhile. Finally Mom came in to see what was taking so long.
With her really good taste, helped with my final choice. Which means, I decided on the one she liked best. That is the one in the picture. We both realized, the tea set was Maribelle size (14"). I was absolutely delighted to finally have a tea set. And it was nice to buy it for my doll. The service was made in Japan. Printed in red.
We stopped there many times and Kid bro. and I bought a lot of toys and treasures. We saved up all of our allowance between trips, so we would have money to buy something special. Between us, we had quite a soft toy collection.
I will do a story or two later, on some of the neat things we found there.
This was the summer after I had graduated from high school and before I went away to continue my education.
But, I played with my dolls and had tea parties with the new tea set anyway. That's what it was for, yes? My cousin Audrey was intrigued by the tiny set. I think she finally was able to talk my aunt and uncle into getting one for her too. Hers was Japanese too, but a different quality. I would have bought one like mine for her. but, Mom and Dad said that would be too expensive a gift. And I didn't have the enough allowance for another one. We had price limits for gifts. Especially between relatives

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