Monday, August 20, 2007


In this week's Newsweek, there was a story about the new Editor of Seventeen magazine. I know she is only one in a long sequence of editors. But, it was interesting and brought up memories. Seventeen has been around since 1946. And in the story says it is a teen magazine that stays true tothe good girls. I very pleased to see that. To set a clean standard for the young girls to follow. Really nice to see that. Well what about it? Seventeen magazine helped me make it through High School. Thanks to the articles on social interaction. How to handle rude, mean and gossipy people. How to develope good manners and deportment. Ladies Home Journal was also a source of social behavior. I had been thinking about the magazine, because I have one copy I kept as a keepsake from my school days. I will end up putting in on eBay next year. But, now it takes me back. No, I was NOT popular in High school. I was too nice. If I found out a nasty trick was going to played. I would squelch it. (refer back to my entry on: Bullies) Gee, the prankters hated that. No, no one tried to prank me. So, I guess there may have been some respect there.
The modern Seventeen magazine is still there for the young ladies. With all the personal beauty advice on hair, makeup, clothes and being attractive. It did talk about that back then too. But, it was how to find your figure, hair color, hair type. How to discover your personal style. Always look your best, feel good about yourself. And how to be yourself and make the most of your life. Be the best person you can be. Make the most of your opportunities, and be nice. Now days, no one has manners. In fact they do not have any idea what that even means. (Whazat?) So, great going Seventeen, still sweet after all these years.
The clothes were always beautiful. I loved pretty clothes. This issuse is a fine example of the era. This is the December Christmas issue. Just full of fashions, Gifts, stories, and great articles.
Keep on trekking SEVENTEEN.

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harmonyinline said...

Brought back memories to me also I remember reading Seventeen